Naomi Wirthner

Naomi Wirthner is a director and actress from England. She is famous for her appearance in TV series like “Babyfather,” “Between the Lines,” and “El C.I.D.” Naomi is also renowned as the wife of Stephen John Dillane. She also manages the theatre company “The Barebones Project.” Naomi Wirthner Early Life The birthplace of Naomi is […]

Candise Zepherin

Candise Zephrin is famous as the former “girlfriend” of NBA player Joe Johnson. Joe has been part of the teams like “Phoenix Suns,” “Atlanta Hawks,” Brooklyn Nets,” “Miami Heat,” “U.S. National Team,” and many more. Candise Zepherin Early Life There are no details about the birthday, birth year, childhood, and parents of Candise Zepherin. The […]

Chelsy Bakula

Chelsy Bakula is an actress from America. She is famous for her performance in the series “Quantum Leap” in 1989. Apart from her professional career, she is also a celebrity kid. She is the daughter of outstanding actor Scott Bakula. Early Life The birthplace of Chelsy Bakula is Los Angeles, California. She came into the […]

Elin Zetterstrand

Elin Zetterstrand is a computer programmer and artist from Sweden. Apart from her professional life, she is also famous as the former wife of Markus Perrson. Early Life The birthplace of Elin Zetterson is Sweden. She came into the world on 9th November 1981. Her current age is 39 years old. Unfortunately, there are not […]

Darrell Allamby

Darrell Allamby is a composer, producer, and singer from America. He has produced music for artists like Busta Rhymes, Silk, and Gerald Levert. Darrell is famous for being the ex-husband of singer, TV personality, and actress Tamar Braxton. His nomination for the “Multi-Platinum Grammy” shows his passion for music. Early Life The birthplace of Darrell […]

Morgan Hultgren

Morgan Hultgren is a model from Sweden. The popularity of Morgan has reached its peak after her continuous posts on Instagram. She is popularly known as “swedishkiller” and “swedishirishmama.” Early Life The birthplace of Morgan Hultgren is Stockholm, Sweden. She came into the world on 20th November 1993. Her current age is 27 years old. […]

Oleksandra Nikolayenko

Oleksandra Nikolayenko is an actress, philanthropist, pageant winner, and model from Ukraine. Oleksandra entered the “Top Ten” of the “Miss World” in 2001. She also became the Miss Ukraine Universe in 2004. Oleksandra Nikaloyenko has even been on the jury of various pageants. She even judged the “Miss Universe 2005.” Oleksandra is also an aspiring Interior […]

Marc Menchaca

Marc Menchaca is an actor, writer, and director from America. He has contributed his acting, directing, and writing skills in “This Is Where We Live.” In addition, Marc is famous for his performance in series like “The Outsider,” “The Sinner,” and “Manifest.” Early Life The birthplace of Marc Menchaca is San Angelo, Texas. Marc was […]

Elva Dornan

Elva Dornan is a celebrity kid. She is famous as the daughter of Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan. Both are famous actors and musicians. Elva Dornan Early Life Elva Dornan was born in 2016. Her current age is four years old. The exact date of Elva is not available. Elva’s parents have been cautious about […]