Humphrey Carrington Frederiksen

Humphrey Carrington Frederiksen is a well-known celebrity kid. He is known and came into the limelight for being the son of actor Kit Frederiksen and British actress Perdita Weeks. Kit Frederiksen is a renowned actor in the limelight as the husband of British actress Perdita Weeks. You might also want to know about Martin Starr. Bio […]

Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa

Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa is a famous American celebrity child born to famous American actor Jason Momoa and his mother, Lisa Bonet. Nakoa’s long name has a deep name as he was born on a dark and stormy night. So Jason and Lisa thought that Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa would be a perfect […]

Jacqie Campos

Jacqie Campos is a well-known American Hollywood actress.  She came into the limelight for T.V. appearances like I Love Jenni (2011), The Riveras (2016), and chiquis’n Control (2012). Jacqie Campos is famous as the daughter of an American Singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, spokesperson, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Jenni Rivera. Bio Jacqie Campos was born in […]

Paige Maddux

Paige Maddux is well-known as a celebrity kid. However, she is best known as the daughter of renowned American College Coach Greg Maddux. Greg Maddux is a well-known American college baseball coach. He came into the limelight for his extraordinary skills while playing for the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs. You might also want […]

Elva Dornan

Elva Dornan is a celebrity kid. She is famous as the daughter of Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan. Both are famous actors and musicians. Elva Dornan Early Life Elva Dornan was born in 2016. Her current age is four years old. The exact date of Elva is not available. Elva’s parents have been cautious about […]

Shawn Howell Wayans

Shawn Howell Wayans is a well-known basketball sensation. He came into the limelight because of his family background. Shawn is also known as the son of Marlon Wayans. Marlon Wayans is a well-known actor, comedian, writer, and producer. You might also want to know about Shawn Wayans. Bio Shawn Howell Wayans was born in 2002, on […]

Elisabeth Anne Carell

Elisabeth Anne Carell is well-known as an American celebrity family member and pop culture figure. In addition, she is notable for being the daughter of actor Steve Carell. Steve Carell is renowned as an American actor, director, comedian, producer, and writer. He is known for his character of gaffe-prone boss Michael Scott on the American […]

Michele Gisoni

Michele Gisoni came in the limelight as a step-sister of famous actress and reality show dancer Maddie Ziegler and stepdaughter of Melissa Gisoni. Early Life Michele Gisoni was born in The United States, but her date of birth is not known. She was born to her father, Greg Gisoni, and her mother, whose identity isn’t […]