Who is Sara Calaway currently married to? Where is she now?

Sara Calaway is a famous American personality who is a wrestler by profession. However, she gained huge spotlight and fame after marrying a WWE Superstar, Mark William Calaway, famous by his stage name, The Undertaker. Sara Calaway’s relationship with The Undertaker is that of a former life partner.  In addition, Calaway was a part of […]

Angela Velkei

Angela Velkei is a well-known personality who gained huge fame and media spotlight after marrying Alberto Del Rio. Velkei is a Celebrity ex-wife of Alberto, a famous Mexican- American personality, and became a renowned figure for his professional career as a wrestler. Angela’s husband, Rio, worked in WWE, a mixed martial artist, and was a […]

Sarath Ton

Sarath Ton is a former professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Mikaze. Additionally, he is presently a costume designer in WWE. Sarath is also renowned as a heavyweight Champion in Chaotic Wrestling. In addition, Ton is also known as the husband of the famous wrestler and actress Sasha Banks. You might […]

Ron Fisico

Ron Fisico is a professional bodybuilder and instructor from Canada. He is popular for his marriage with Trish Stratus. Ron Fisico is someone who loves to spend his both personal and professional life in peace. He is a dedicated and passionate trainer who focuses on his responsibility rather than social media fame. Ron Fisico Early […]

Krys Marshall

Krys Marshall is an actress from America. She is popular for her appearance in “For All Mankind,” “Supergirl” alongside Luke Roessler, and “Criminal Minds” alongside Diana Hopper. What was the childhood of Krys like? The birthplace of Krys Marshall is America. There are not many details of the Krys of her childhood, age, and family […]