Faze Sway

Faze Sway is renowned as a professional gamer and Youtuber. He came into the limelight under his Sway Gamertag. However, Sway is best known for his high-ground retakes and building inside Fortnite. Faze Sway was a member of the gaming team Chronic until joining Faze in February 2019. Sway frequently plays Fortnite with fellow Faze […]

Louie Castro

Louie Castro is renowned as an American blogger on YouTube and a video content creator. He is mostly known for his YouTube channel “Louie’s Life,” where he has earned attractive subscribers with his amazing storytelling technique. In addition, Louie became renowned on Tik Tok for his “Storytimes” videos. Early Life and Age Louie Castro was […]

Zachary Bonfilio

Zachary Bonfilio is a famous TikTok personality who gained huge recognization for his offensive comments on most of his TikTok videos. Bonfilio started his channel with the channel “Misfit Patriot,” but Tiktok blocked his Id several times due to his abusive comments on the media platform. However, some of Zack’s TikTok videos have been posted […]

Madi Monroe

Madi Monroe is renowned as a famous American Tik Tok star, actress, and internet sensation. She is also a celebrity couple with another Tik Tok star Jack Riyn. Madi is also run her own YouTube channel. Early Life and Age Madi Monroe was born in 2004, on January 27, in Arizona, in the United States […]

Faith Ordway

Faith Ordway is renowned as a Tik Tok star and Instagram influencer. She is known for dancing videos on Tik Tok that went viral. Faith is also active on her YouTube channel, with 48.5k subscribers. Early Life and Age Faith Ordway was born in 2001, on March 23, in Defiance, Ohio, in the United States […]


Who is Macei? Macei is well-known as an American rapper and social media personality. She is known for her rapping and dancing skills, which can be heard in many of her songs, including “I’m Back,” Bossy, and they hate her. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel. She is also well-known as an actress. Macei […]


Sapnap is a famous youtube content creator who is mostly known for his amazing Minecraft challenge videos and collaborations with Dream. In addition, he is known for streaming Minecraft videos on his youtube channel, where he has many subscribers. Early Life & Age Sapnap was born in the United States, and his birth date is […]

Ashtyn Joslyn

Who is Ashtyn Joslyn? Ashtyn Joslyn is well-known as an American YouTuber, like many others. She is renowned for her joint YouTube channel, where she and her partner Jon Create digital content for their subscribers. Early Life & Age Ashtyn Joslyn was born in 1994, on June 24. She was born in Burnsville, Minnesota. Presently, […]

Kristen Hanby

Who is Kristen Hanby? Kristen Hanby is well-known as an English YouTube personality and Facebook star. He is well-known for his different devilish practical jocks on family and public posting on Facebook. Kristen Hanby has brilliant prank ideas that have helped him become one of the most popular pranksters on the internet. Early Life & […]

Caleb Finn

Who is Caleb Finn? Caleb Finn is well-known as an Australian Tik Tok star. He has gathered over 6.7 million fans on the app with his creativity-edited lip syncs, most of which are up-close shots of himself. In addition, Finn is active on other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. Early Life & […]