Mateo Bowles

Mateo Bowles is an American Youtuber and Choreographer. He is famous for having co-founded the Ayo & Teo channel. He has also got famed with his brother Ayleo for their live dance videos and personalized choreography. You might also want to check out Heidi O’Ferrall Bio Mateo Bowles was come into the world in 1999, […]

Caryn Marjorie

Caryn Marjorie is a YouTube star from Nebraska. She is popular as “cutiecaryn” and her “YouNow” broadcasts. Later, she shifted to YouTube for showing her daily life through vlogs. What was Caryn’s childhood like? The birthplace of Caryn is Omaha, Nebraska. She came into the world on 1st January 2000. Her current age is 21 […]

Heidi O’Ferrall

Heidi O’Ferrall is a designer, cosplayer, artist, and YouTuber from America. She is popular for her photography, textile work, and sculpting. Heidi is specialized in sewing ad leatherwork. Her fame increased more after her relationship with gamer and YouTuber ProJared.   Where is Heidi born and raised? The birthplace of Heidi is Dallas, Texas, USA. […]