NaDeXe is a renowned YouTube star and a social media personality with thousands of followers on his Youtube channel. He came into the limelight after he began to post NBA 2K content. Unfortunately, He was permanently banned from YouTube and Twitch, and now he is streaming exclusively on DLive and begins to post videos from […]

Sofia Olivera

Sofia Olivera is a renowned Instagram model and a social media personality known as a former Vine star. She uploaded comedic content and different unique vines on Vine, but the app was shut down. She is now active on YouTube, where she shares creative content, vlogs, and vines. Early Life Sofia Olivera is a 22 […]

Jared Mecham

Jared Mecham is a popular American YouTuber and a social media personality. His content includes vlogs about his family and his day-to-day life. He and his wife Ellie have their own channel, “Ellie and Jared,” which focuses on family. He has another self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads videos about music and technologies. He was […]

Smooth Gio

Smooth Gio is a popular American social media personality and a YouTuber. He is best known for his YouTube channel, where he uploads amazing sketch comedy scenes, which includes challenges. He is also a successful singer, and his songs are “Breaking Her Back,” “said to me,” “Asian baby,” “these niggas”, “run it,” “Burberry,” which are […]

Jayden Siwa

Jayden Siwa is a famous American social media personality. He is recognized as the elder brother of JoJo Siwa, who is the star of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and dance sensation. He is also a baseball organizer, and when he was in his teenage period, he also helped his team win the tournament championship. Early […]

Vanessa Nagoya

Vanessa Nagoya is a renowned social media personality and a YouTube Star. She is recognized for her haul videos, fashion dairies, and day-to-day vlogs. Vanessa has more than 395k subscribers and more than 8 million overall views on her channel. Some of her popular content on her YouTube channel is “$1000 back to school try-on […]

John Scarce

John Scarce is a well-known American Youtuber. He has gained a considerable fan following for reporting news and drama involving other social media personalities on YouTube. He has gathered most of his subscribers mainly through his discussions o news about other Youtubers. Bio John Scarce was born in 1997, on July 21. He was born […]

Morgan Cryer

Morgan Cryer is a well-known Social media personality of America renowned as an elegant Model and Actor. She came into the limelight of media after appearing in various TV shows and Music videos. She is also recognized for her sponsor videos on her YouTube channel and lip-syncing, duet, split-screen, and other comedic content on her […]

Nathanael Boucaud

Nathanael Boucaud is a well-known American internet celebrity and a social media personality known for posting pranks and challenge videos on his YouTube channel. He usually posts videos related to challenges and blogging content and gathered more than millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Bio Nathanael Boucaud was born in 1995 on March 1. […]