Jennifer Saunders

Jennifer Saunders also became one of those revolutionary entertainers to begin her career in a Boys club. Jennifer, along with Dawn French, started their career in the  1980s  by doing alternative standup comedy. The duo introduced themselves as “Menopause Sisters.” They shifted their entertainment from stage to television, titling “French and Saunders.” The show, full […]

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto is an actor and producer from America. He is well known for his role as the primary antagonist, Sylar, in the 2006 to 2010 sci-fi series “Heroes.” He is also popular among the audience as Spock in the Star Trek film series. He has also made appearances in “We’ll Never Have Paris,” “Tallulah,” […]

Alexis Krause

Alexis Krause is a famous American actress, best known for her role as Party Girl in the 2014 movie “Jersey Boys.” Krause is also known for her role as Cute Brunette in the 2009 movie “The Ugly Truth” and is known for her notable presence in the American sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” as […]

Ellen Ziolo

Who is Ellen Ziolo? Ellen Ziolo is a famous German public figure and a celebrity wife. Ellen rose to fame after she started dating and then married favorite professional basketball player Dennis Schroder. Dennis is the 66’1″ point guard for the team named “Oklahoma City Thunder.” Besides this, Dennis had also played for many successful […]

Owen Shroyer

Owen Shroyer is a famous American commentator and a political activist who rose to fame after being a vital member of the American alt-right movement. He was in the headlines for being a supporter of Donald Trump and was seen in many rallies during the 2016 presidential run. Early Life Owen Shroyer was born in […]

Rory John Gates

Quick Interesting Facts and Stats About Rory John Gates “Star Kids” is a phrase that denotes the children of superstar celebrities. The life of such kids is quite different from normal kids. As their parents will try their best to provide each and every facility to their kids which they were not able to think […]

Sam Ponder

Sam Ponder is a famous American sportscaster. Sam, also known as Samantha, is currently known as the host f the Sunday NFL countdown on the broadcasting channel ESPN, an American pregame television program that covers the NFL action for the week. Sam has previously worked as the sideline reporter for college football and basketball for […]

Marcus Glenn Richardson

Marcus Glenn Richardson is a famous American celebrity husband known as the husband of well-known American journalist Abby Phillip who is also a political correspondent and is a weekend anchor for the multinational news-based television channel “CNN.” Abby has also appeared as the guest on the American public affairs television program: Washington Week and has […]