Tyson Ngo

Who is Tyson Ngo? Tyson Ngo is renowned as a Vietnamese-Canadian esports player for Sentinels Valorant. He is one of the most renowned Valorant esport professionals in 2021. Ngo previously used to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Cloud9. Tyson Ngo eventually shifted to Valorant for the same team but was then bought out by Sentinels. […]

Sabrina McGillivray

Who is Sabrina McGillivray? Sabrina McGillivray is well-known as a celebrity spouse and a teacher as well. Sabrina is skillful in caring for the entire care of the young learners, including her parenting role to raise her kids. She came into the limelight as the wife of HGTV star Scott McGillivray. Scott McGillivray is well-known […]

Barbara Dunkelman

Who is Barbara Dunkelman? Barbara Dunkelman is a famous Canadian voice actress, internet personality, and community manager. Barbara is a creative director at the production company “Rooster Teeth.” She was also the former Director of Social and Community Marketing and a Program Director for RTX. Barbara is also the voice of Yang Xiao Long in […]

Jessii Vee

Who is Jessii Vee? Jessii Vee is a famous Candian YouTuber and a social media personality. Jessii is known for her amazing YouTube content, including her experiences in school, relationships, and travel. Jessi has attracted 2.88 million subscribers to her YouTube channel “Jessii Vee,” with amazing content and an entertaining presentation. Jessi’s most popular video […]

Sierra Furtado

Sierra Furtado is renowned as a Canadian Youtuber who makes DIY (Do it yourself) makeup videos and blogs. She came into the limelight with her YouTube channel called after herself, where she shares video blogs about fashion, trends, and makeup. Early Life and Age Sierra Furtado was born in 1993, on September 24. She was […]

Hilary Farr

Hilary Farr is a professional British-Canadian designer and entrepreneur. Hilary is well-known for co-hosting the Canadian-American television series “Love It or List It.” She hosts the show with colleague David Visentin, a Canadian actor and commentator. Early Life and Age Hilary Farr was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 31 August 1951. She is currently […]

Aliza Vellani

Aliza Vellani is a Canadian TV actress most famous for playing Layla Siddiqui on CBC’s hit sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie, Marcy in the CW arrangement iZombie, and Sandeep recovery period of the Fox arrangement The X-Files. Vellani additionally shows up on Operation Christmas Drop as Sally. Aliza Vellani is also known for acting […]

Nikki Roumel

Nikki Roumel is well-known as a Canadian television actress. She came into the limelight for her excellent acting performance in Designated Survivor and Holly Hobbie. Presently, Nikki is starring in Netflix’s teen series “Ginny and Georgia.” You might also want to know about Oleksandra Nikolayenko. Bio Nikki Roumel was born in 2000, on May 8. She […]

David Lemanowicz

David Lemanowicz is a well-known Canadian personality known as a national hockey player and a hockey coach. Besides his profession, David is also recognized as a celebrity husband of Jill Wanger, a famous American television star, actress, and model. Early Life David Lemanowicz was born in Vancouver, Canada, on March 8, 1976. As of 2021, […]