Tyson Ngo

Who is Tyson Ngo? Tyson Ngo is renowned as a Vietnamese-Canadian esports player for Sentinels Valorant. He is one of the most renowned Valorant esport professionals in 2021. Ngo previously used to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Cloud9. Tyson Ngo eventually shifted to Valorant for the same team but was then bought out by Sentinels. […]

Elise Laurenne

Who is Elise Laurenne? Elise Laurenne is a famous Canadian model, social media influencer, cosplay artist, gamer, streamer, and news anchor. Elise has achieved fans and followers from her cosplay sessions and has mimicked popular game and movie characters into life. In addition, Elise is a model and has uploaded bold pictures and A-rated modeling […]

Elizabeth Dwyer

Elizabeth Dwyer, aka LDShadowLady, is a well-known British YouTube gamer and streamer who gained fame and popularity after uploading gaming videos on her channel called “LDShadowLady”. She is also recognized for the beginning part of The Pixel Pact and her Minecraft game series entitled Shadowcraft. Early Life Elizabeth Dwyer is a young YouTube star, born […]