Kevin Shinick

Kevin Shinick is an actor, director, producer, voice artist, comic book creator, and writer from America. Kevin has also won an Emmy Award for his contribution to “Robot Chicken.” It was a stop-motion animated series. He has also authored several novels and comic books.   You might also like to read about Angus Maclness Bio […]

Elvira Lind

Elvira Lind is a screenwriter, director, and movie producer from Denmark. She is popular for her contribution in “Bobbi Hene“, “Songz for Alexis”, and “Twiz & Tuck.” Elvira has been traveling on various continents for shooting and directing various documentaries. She is also popular as the wife of Oscar Isaac.   Early Life The birthplace […]

Angus Maclness

Angus Maclness is an actor from Canada. He is popular for his performance in “Star Wars” alongside Keira Knightley, “Strange Brew,” “Witness,” “Atlantic City,” and “River City.”   Where was Maclness born and raised? The birthplace of Angus is Windsor, Canada. He was born on 27th October 1947. His current age is 73 years old. […]