Claudia Jessie

Claudia Jessie is a rising British actress. She started her acting career in 2012. Claudia is well-known for her work in the ITV series Vanity Fair and portrays the character of Amelia Sedley. Claudia Jessie has witnessed the new phase of fame following her character as Eloise in the hit Netflix series Bridgerton. Bio Claudia […]

Gael Anderson

Gael Anderson is a famous English actress and a celebrity wife. Gael appeared in the movie “Gone Up North for a while” where she had portrayed a brief role, which was released in 1972. Gael has also appeared as floor runner in the 2001 comedy-drama series “teachers,” which was aired on “Channel4,” Besides this, Gael […]

Celina Sinden

Celina Sinden is a well-known British actress. She is known for her appearances as Greer Norwood on the CW drama or fantasy TV series “Reign.” Celina Sinden is the wife of well-known actor Rossif Sutherland. Rossif is known for his performance in different projects such as Reign, King, and others. You might also want to […]

Aurora Burghart

Aurora Burghart is a famous British actress, a model best recognized for her appearance as Viv Allen in the 2020 Netflix-produced show “October Faction.” Burghart is also known for her appearance in the popular British high school television series “Sex Education,” where she appeared in the role of Good Samaritan. Burghart has also made a […]

Tasie Lawrence

Tasie Lawrence is an actress from England. She is popular for her performance in the series “Hieroglyph.”   Where was Tasie born and raised? The birthplace of Tasie in Brighton, England. She came into the world on December 22nd, 1990. Her current age is 29 years old. Her father’s name Tasie is Derek Dhanraj. Her […]

Elizabeth Berrington

Elizabeth is an actress from England. She is popular for her performance in the series ‘Waterloo Road” alongside Jodie Comer as Ruby Fry, “Moving Wallpaper” as Mel Debrou, and “Stella” as Paula Kosh. Her popularity is the same when it comes to British series like “Doctor Who“, “The Bill“, and “The Lakes.”   What was […]

Holly Horne

Quick Interesting Facts and Stats About Holly Horne Horne is an actress from England. She is famous for her performance in the movie “Oh, Ramona!” She portrayed the role of Anemona in the movie. What was Horne‘s childhood like? The birthplace of Horne is Ealing, England, United Kingdom. Holly Horne came into the world in […]

Alana Boden

Quick Interesting Facts and Stats About Alana Boden Alana Boden is an actress from England. She is popular for her appearance as Elaine Whilsire in the drama series “Ride.” Alana has also appeared in recurring roles in the shows like “Wolfblood” and “Mr. Selfridge” alongside Daisy Ridley. The popularity of Anna increased more after her […]