Who is Rick Leventhal?

Rick Leventhal is a senior correspondent serving in the Fox News Channel (FNC) and an active professional American reporter.

Quick Info
Full NameRichard Gary Leventhal
Date of BrithJanuary 24, 1960
Birth PlaceChristian County, Kentucky, U.S
Parent(s)Dr. Allan Leventhal and Carol Leventhal
OccupationSenior Correspondent, Fox News Channel
Spouse(s)Penny Daniels (divorced)
Beth Shak (2016‒2017)
Kelly Dodd (2020-present)
Net worthUS $3 million

Early life

Rick Leventhal was born on 24th January of 1960 in the Christian County of Kentucky state in the United States. Thus, he holds the nationality is American, and his full name is Richard Gary Leventhal. He was born to Dr. Allan Leventhal and Carol Leventhal. His father was a psychologist, and his mother was the director of Greenbelt Cares. He grew up in a healthy and Christian environment with his older brother named Scott Leventhal, born in 1958, and a younger sister named Leigh Leventhal, born in 1963.

For his education, Leventhal attended Montgomery Blair High School, and for his university, he moved to Washington, D.C., and graduated from American University with a degree in broadcast journalism.

Rick Leventhal


Before becoming a professional and famous reporter, Leventhal made his career beginning by working as a local news reporter. Not only a reporter, but he also worked as an anchor in different markets and cities like South Carolina of Spartanburg and Columbia, Miami, West Palm Beach, New York City, Florida, and Chicago. He spent working in these big cities for ten years before finally landing his job as a senior correspondent for the American multinational TV channel, Fox News Channel.

To achieve such a success and reach in the position Rick Leventhal right now, he struggled for many years, risking his life in the enemy’s country. He traveled multiple times in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Gaza, and West Bank for the sake of reporting and capturing the best news possible. He also went to war zones like Kosovo, Libya, Macedonia, and Albania. He never gave a second thought to hesitate to go in the war zones. He just reached every place and countries that had the possibilities of finding new news, searching for truths, and finding discoveries faster than other reporters.

Rick Leventhal spent nine weeks with United States Marine Corps, Sinner and Saints, and armies in enemy countries like Iraq and Kuwait with the U.S. soldiers. During the conflict and terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group named Al-Qaeda prevailing in the U.S., there were over 10 billion dollars worth of damage caused and over almost 30,000 casualties injured and in a fatal condition. Leventhal was the first reporter to reach in the scene of the September 11 attacks or 9/11 and go live. He captured the fall of the towers and provided the fastest news on the TV.

Later on, for the War on Terror report, he traveled with Marines to Afghanistan to capture the crime and war scene. Not only that, he was the first to go live in the successful killing of a longtime enemy of the U.S. and terrorist and team leader of Al-Qaeda of Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden on 2nd May of 2011.

During the flooding that occurred in Louisiana that destroyed multiple houses and territories, Leventhal reached the scene first and provided live video of the flooding. During the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that happened in 2010 and is believed to be the most massive industrial disaster to ever happen in American history, Leventhal spent most of his time discovering the cause and effects.

Rick Leventhal

In 2010, the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that caused the death of more than 1 lakh people and affecting over 3 million casualties in Haiti, Leventhal went on to the disaster site and gave the live reporting regarding the people’s condition. He also went to the hurricane area that caused many casualties and damage in different nations.

Rick Leventhal also went on reporting during Pope Benedict’s success as the new pope. He also covered the news about the death of Pope John Paul II in Vatican City. During the incident that made the US Airways Flight 1549 to land in the Hudson River because of the emergency landing, Leventhal went on to the site first and gave the scene’s live reporting. The incident is also called the “Miracle on the Hudson,” as none of the passengers died during such a painful experience except for few severe injuries.

He also covered the news regarding one of the planes pilots hats landed in the river, Chesley Sullenberger, who returned as a pilot after the incident of “Miracle on the Hudson.”


Personal life

Rick Leventhal is happily married to an actress, Kelly Dodd. They tied their knot on 10th October of 2020 after successfully proposing her in a reality show called Real Housewives of Orange County. They currently reside in their beautiful house in Los Angeles.

They haven’t had their child yet, but Leventhal has two daughters from his first wife, Penny Daniels, an anchor, communication trainer, and consultant. After getting divorced from her, he got committed to Beth Shak, which lasted only nine months, after which he met Kelly Dodd.

Rick Leventhal is active on Instagram and Twitter, with over 44k followers on Instagram and over 62.1 thousand followers on Twitter. He goes by the name @rickleventhal in social accounts.

Rick Leventhal

Physical statistics & others

Rick Leventhal has a height of 5 feet 10 inches. He possesses light brown eyes and grey hair and a white beard. His body build is average, but he is healthy and still highly active in his career.

Leventhal’s sexual orientation is straight, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He belongs to white ethnicity.


Net worth

Rick Leventhal has a net worth of 3 million dollars, and his sole earnings come from his reporting career.