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Tessa Thompson

About Tessa Thompson Tessa Lyne Thompson is an actress/producer/songwriter and singer based in America. She made her breakthrough and gained popularity from “Mississippi Damned,” where she portrayed Kari Peterson. She is also known for her role as Nyla Ambrose in “For Colored Girls.” Her popularity grew after her “Creed” performance and its sequel “Creed II” […]

Lake Bell

About Lake Bell Lake Bell is a director/actress/screenwriter based in America. She has appeared in several television shows and movies in her career. She featured in “Boston Legal”, “How to Make it In America”, “Million Dollar Arm” and several others. She is also the director of “Worst Enemy” and “In a World”. Bell has also […]

Jamie Lee Curtis

About Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress/author/activist who is based in America. She is widely recognized for her roles in movies like “Halloween” and its sequels, “Blue Steel”, Knives Out” and “Beverly Hills”. People also know her as the awarding winning actress for her role as Hannah miller in “Anything but Love”. […]

River Phoenix 

Who is River Phoenix? A new star is born every day in the glamour field. We might not get daily news of a huge launch of a new actor. But someone is always getting a selection for the start of a career. The professional life of an actor is really tough. First of all, he […]

Demi Rose

About Demi Rose    Social Media has been a significant part of the life of people. People get a lot of refreshments along with some productive stuff. Microblogging sites have been highly developed since 2000. In early 2000, LinkedIn and MySpace started getting into function. Then the Photobucket and Flickr supported the sharing and uploading […]

Alexa Bliss

Who is Alexa Bliss?   Sports are not just for entertainment. They are a growing phase, a learning phase, and an opportunity to create history. A fully focused player can not only increase the reputation of the game but also contributes to society in many ways. Most of the people think that it is just […]

Laura Dern

About Laura Dern Laura Dern is an American actress/filmmaker who is best known for her performance in the Steven Spielberg movie titled “Jurassic Park”. She gained international fame through this movie. Before she appeared in “Jurassic Park”, she was a part of iconic movies like “Mask” and “Wild At Heart”.  For her excellent performance in […]

Camille Kostek

About Camille Kostek   Camille Kostek is a stunning American model who is also an actress and a camera host. She first came into prominence after she worked with Reebok. She gained further recognition after working with and appearing on the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue”. She was featured on the cover of its 2019 edition. […]

Heath Ledger

About Heath Ledger   Heath Ledger was one of the most seasoned actors.  In his lifespan of only 28 years, he was able to achieve a lot and his roles will be remembered by the audience for ages. His portrayal of the Joker in the Christopher Nolan film “The Dark Knight” is considered one of […]

Todd Chrisley

About Todd Chrisley Todd Chrisley is a television star and a real estate agent-based in America. He is widely recognized as the controlling head of the Chrisley Family in the reality series “Chrisley Knows Best”. People might also know him as a bankrupt millionaire. His life is surrounded by fame, financial problems, luxury, divorce, and […]