Kio Cyr is a video content creator from Canada. He is popular for posting lip-sync, challenge, transitions, trends, related videos on TikTok. His videos have more than a million views.

Quick WikiSocial Media Content Creator
Full NameKio Cyr
Date of Birth5th September, 2000
Birth PlaceBritish Columbia, Canada
Body Measurement36-30-35
SpouseOlivia Marie (ex-girlfriend)
Age20 years old
Weight65 kg
Height5 feet 8 inches
EthnicityMixed (Thai and French-Canadian)
Net Worth$250K


Kio Cyr Early Life

Kio Cyr
Latest picture of Kio Cyr refreshing his mood (Source: @kiocyr )

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The birthplace of Kio Cyr is British Columbia, Canada. He came into the world on 5th September 2000. His current age is 20 years old. The zodiac sign of Kio is Virgo. There are not many details of her parents, and siblings available. His father belongs French-Canadian and his mother belongs to the Thai ethnicity.


Who is Kio Cyr dating?

The charming smile, attractive face, and creative contents seem to be a complete package to skip the heartbeat of a girl. The case is quite the same even in the case of Kio Cyr. With all the rumors and curiosity of finding the girl of Kio, Kio himself answered the question through his YouTube Channel.


Kio Cyr indirectly revealing relationship with Olivia Marie (Source: YouTube)

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Kio hinted about dating Olivia Marie through his YouTube Channel on 4th March 2020. The title of the video was “IM DATING A MODEL???” The beginning of the video shows both of them hiding their awkwardness. One can clearly see their blush behind their smiles and constant sharing on the lips.

Olivia and Kio met for the first time when Olivia picked him up at the airport in Florida. Before that, they used to talk virtually. The ice-breaking moment between them was a photo. Olivia replied to a photo of Kio saying “I like your Teeth.” It all started by following each other on TikTok, then on Snapchat and Instagram.

The video is full of all these kinds of butterfly moments. But still, they kept repeating that “We are not Dating.” One can easily see their closeness and feelings for each other. Despite their eyes and lips seem to express all the indirect communications. And in the last part of the closing video Kio pulls Olivia towards each other and seems like it was a revival of “Titanic’s Bridge Moment” but the closeness is not complete and the video ends making one more curious. The video has more than 1 million views.

Moreover, we can confirm about Kio and Olivia being in a relationship from his other video posted on 28th May 2020. The title of the video is “Went to Florida to see my girlfriend.” In the description section, it is written that “Took a Lil trip to Florida to see Olivia.” Kio has kissed Olivia on the lips in the video. They are changing the magical words and it’s interesting to watch their friends going crazy.

But on another video posted on 11tgh August 2020, he is having fun with Riley and Sofie. There is no trace of Olivia. They were last seen together on a video on Jun 20, 2020. Also, there are no photos on their Instagram that show they are still together. It seems like both have parted away.


How Kio Cyr exposed “Jaden and Nessa?”

Kio recently created sensation after he revealed the band exposed the hidden truth between Jaden, Nessa, and Josh in his TikTok room. Kio is a mutual friend of both Josh and Jaden. Josh and Jaden were best friends. Josh and Jaden had a break-up. Nessa gave the reason that she wants to focus on herself and needs some space, mental peace. That’s how the couple broke up.

On the other hand, Nessa and Jaden were working on a song. But just only after one week of a break with Josh, Jaden and Nessa were found to be in a relationship. That means, all about the mental peace and focus on myself thing for Nessa was just an excuse. The most shocking truth was that Jaden started a relationship with his best friend’s ex just only after a week. The wounds seem to have been fresh for everyone.

Kio revealed about all these incidents including the reason why Nessa hated Kio ever since their first meet. He unfolded all these truths in about 29 minutes long video on TikTok room. He was constantly cursing Nessa, Spectrum Wi-Fi, hate commentators, and many more. A lot of people had recorded the video and had posted it on YouTube.


Kio Cyr Merch

Kio Cyr’s Merchandise hoodies with Lacuna Sun design (Source: amazon )

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Kio Cyr has also his own merchandise. He has printed several hoodies in black and pink color. It is available on amazon. The starting price of the hoodie is $20.99 (pink) and $22.99 for the black one. The black hoodie also has a logo of “Lacuna Sunrise.” The design seems to show his love for anime.


Social Media

Kio goes with the name”kiocyr” on Instagram along with 2.5 million followers. His TikTok account “kiocyrrr” has 8.9 million followers. Both these accounts are verified. His YouTube channel “Kio Cyr” has 407K followers.

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