Caryn Marjorie is a YouTube star from Nebraska. She is popular as “cutiecaryn” and her “YouNow” broadcasts. Later, she shifted to YouTube to show her daily life through vlogs.

Quick Info
Full NameCaryn Marjorie
Date of Birth1st January 2000
Birth PlaceOmaha, Nebraska
Parent(s)Not Known
Age21 Years
Weight55 Kg
Height5' 6"
Net Worth$567-$900K

What was Caryn’s childhood like?

The birthplace of Caryn is Omaha, Nebraska. She came into the world on 1st January 2000. Her current age is 21 years old. Unfortunately, there are not many details of her family, childhood, and siblings available. But she has siblings. Caryn at least has one sister. She moved from her family home to make her career in 2019.

The nationality of Caryn Marjorie is Nebraskan. She belongs to a white ethnicity. The zodiac sign of Caryn is Capricon

Caryn Marjorie
Source: Twitter


There are not many details of her educational background available. She has completed high school. Caryn seems to be part of an undergraduate student. She once dreamed of becoming a lawyer and then a programmer.


How Marjorie started her career?

Caryn Marjorie started her professional company as an entrepreneur. She was only fourteen years old during that time. Caryn stepped into the clothing business. Caryn started to gain success on social media platforms. She started getting huge social media followers after she broadcast “YouNow” in 2016. The program focused on interaction with fans.

Then, she stepped into YouTube in 2018. Comedic videos, storytimes, and vlogs are her regular content on social media platforms.

Moreover, the mainstream media like “The New York Times” and “Beautycon LA Event” has also featured her. Caryn was also part of the “Beautycon LA Event” for the first time in 2018. There she met with Kyala Kosuga. The casual meet-up succeeded in turning into a strong bond, and they become best friends. They can also be seen making various interesting videos.  


What is the relationship status of Caryn Marjorie?

Caryn Marjorie was in a relationship with Samuel. She called him Sam. They were in a long-distance relationship. They had known each other for many years. The couple celebrated their first anniversary in October 2018. She was super-excited about it. Samuel is her first boyfriend. They had even planned about going on a trip to Europe or some beautiful destination to make the day memorable.

Samuel had been traveling and living in Canada. Caryn had also shared all this information, including Sam staying in her new home during November 2018. She even added that they were planning for a couple of related videos.

Caryn also shared a video of her along with Samuel that they took in Cabo, Mexico. It was during the birthday of Samuel. She even shared that their riding of the camel was the cutest thing that she ever experienced. Caryn had shared this detail on her video titling “PERSONAL Q&A! | moving out, my relationship, confidence..” She posted the video on 18th September 2018.

There are not many details on whether she is still with her boyfriend or not as she had not posted any videos on YouTube with him as informed by her in the video.


Her First Date

Likewise, Caryn Marjorie was only fifteen years old when she went on a date for the first time. It was her fresh year in high school. Caryn was a kind of lonely girl during that time and used to face bullies. So she used the online dating app “Tinder” for her first date. But she was on a hunt for a long-time man. Caryn wanted someone more mature than her.

Then, one day a man named “Marlon” matched her on Tinder. He was senior to her, good in education, and mildly attractive. They were talking for a couple of weeks. Then, suddenly one day they decided to meet after an hour and met for the movie.

Caryn Marjorie
Source: Twitter

Caryn was very desperate about her first date. She was dressed up in black new jeans, a black stripe top, and black converse for the date. Caryn also didn’t have a mobile phone during that age. However, she had an iPod Touch that she carried to listen to music and use Tinder. Caryn took the phone of her mother on the date for the safety precautions and to communicate with him for his arrival.

After waiting thirty minutes in front of the cinema, she texted him. He texted back, saying he forgot his wallet and will be there in no time. After waiting for another 15 more minutes along with her mother, Caryn saw Marlon searching for someone.

Then, she went inside, and they met for the first time.

Caryn was very nervous on the day as she had never gone on a date before. She even remembered Marlon checking her from top to bottom. She found it quite cute at that time. The boy showed no interest in her and was using mobile time and again. He didn’t try anything.

And from nowhere, his friends popped up. Caryn also played a major role in trying her flirty moves on the date. He was showing zero interest. Then, they went for smoothies as an offer from Caryn. Marlon asked her to pay her for the smoothie. She didn’t mind paying but didn’t get much attention.

Then, before the ending of the date, Caryn remembered that she had left her purse in the cafe. And Marlon went to take it. But Caryn was waiting for him in the cold winter at 10 pm. So she called her mom to pick her up. Caryn felt happy after reaching home.

The next day, she texted him saying thanks for the time; I really enjoyed it. But he never read the message and didn’t reply. This broke her heart. She cried for two days straight, asking herself what she had done wrong.

Caryn had shared the details on her YouTube video with the title of “WORST FIRST DATE EVER! SNATCHING A BOYFRIEND!” The video was published on 13th February 2018.


Affair with Ishan Goel

There are a lot of websites that claim that Caryn Marjorie started dating Ishan Goel in 2019. But if you search the social media of Marjorie, there are no traces of Ishan.

They seem to be a totally south pole and the north pole of the earth. Even Caryn has not spoken about the issue. But you can see both in some photographs taken at an event.


Social Media

Caryn Marjorie has a huge fan following on social media platforms. She goes with the name “@cutiecaryn” on Instagram. She has 126K followers. And her account is verified. Her Facebook page “Caryn Marjorie” has 2,416 followers. It is not updated and verified.

She goes with the name of “Caryn Marjorie” on Twitter along with 8,183 followers. It is not verified yet. Her YouTube Channel “@cutiecaryn” along with 795K followers.


Body Measurements

Caryn Marjorie has an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and a complimentary weight of 55 kg. The size of her shoe is 5. The color of her eye is black. Her hair is black in color. Unfortunately, there are not many details of her body measurements available.

Caryn Marjorie
Source: Twitter

How much is the Current Net Worth Caryn Marjorie?

There are not many details of her net worth available. But Caryn Marjorie is residing in a big mansion as of her YouTube posts. According to, her estimated monthly earnings from YouTube is $47-$756, with annual earnings of $567-$900K. Her channel has received a “B grade” from the website.


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