About Josh Allen

Joshua Patrick Allen was born on born May 21, 1996). Professionally, he is an American Football quarterback. In the National Football League (NFL), he plays for the team Buffalo Bills. He is one of the toughest players for his opponent, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing about 237 lb. or 108 kg at the quarterback. His career passer rating is 84.1, with a rushing touchdown of 20.

Quick Info
Full nameJoshua Patrick Allen
Date of BirthMay 21, 1996
Birth PlaceFirebaugh, California
OccupationProfessional Football Player (Quarterback)
Professional CareerBuffalo Bills (2018–present)
Partner(s)Brittany Williams (present)
Net worthUS $21 million

Early Life

Near Firebaugh, California, Allen grew up on a cotton farm. Firebaugh is a small town about Sixty-four kilometers west of Fresno, California. In 1907, Allen’s grandfather emigrated from Sweden during the Great Depression. After the immigration from Sweden, the Allen family settled there in Firebaugh. During Josh’s academics, many families encouraged their kids to be perfect in one sport for the scholarship or to get transferred to the school, which will provide the most exposure. But the Allen family was different than other scholarship-hungry families. They lived by the family mantra, “You bloom where you’re planted.”

Josh Allen

Thus, making Allen join the High School near his town. And in 2014, Josh Allen graduated from Firebaugh High School. Allen was involved in many sports in his High School. But not being engaged in sports only, he used to help his family on the farm and at the restaurant, which his mother operated in Firebaugh.



As a backup quarterback, Josh Allen started his professional career for team Buffalo Bills. Because of unfavorable performance performed by Nathan Peterman, Allen was thrust into the starting position. In 1999, he led his team 10-win. In his second year as a starter, he led the Bills a 10-win season and their second playoff appearance since 1999. The Buffalo Bills drafted Allen for the selection. On July 25, Allen signed with the Buffalo Bills a four-year guaranteed $21 million contract. There he competed for the starting quarterback position. After Peterman was benched, Allen made his first appearance against Baltimore Ravens on September 9, 2018.

Josh Allen completed 74 passing yards and 26 rushing yards. But they lost the match 47-3. After observing his performance, Bills announced that Allen would start against Los Angeles Chargers. In that match, he finished 245 passing yards and his first NFL passing touchdown. His team lost 20-31. Allen led his team to victory against Minnesota Vikings where Roman Reign used to play, during the week three match. He completed 196 passing yards and a touchdown along with 39 yards a rushing touchdown. He was involved in the dominant first-half. His team won by 27-6.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen was announced as a team captain in 2019 during Bill’s opening day starter. In the first week of 2020, a match with New York Jets was held. In that match, he set his career-high passing attempts, completions, and yards. Out of 46 passes, 33 of his passes were successful for 312 yards, and threw for two touchdowns. For 57 yards, he made 14 carries. He even set a record to become the Bills quarterback to throw 300 yards.


Personal life and other facts

Josh Allen has been in a relationship with the current Pilates instructor, Brittany Williams. She was a former Fresno State Bulldogs cheerleader. He has been in a relationship for at least four years with Allen. They have not married yet. They both grew up in the same town; Firebaugh, California. Allen completed his undergraduate course formed the University of Wyoming in December 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science.

He has been a Nike athlete from the beginning of his career; he said that seeing Kobe Bryant’s deal with Nike also was his dream to be a Nike athlete. He even said that he would have rejected offers from other companies. He had his mindset to be a Nike athlete.

Out of eight ambassadors of New Era Cap Company, Allen is also one of them. This company is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Allen gets paid for wearing New Era caps. In October 2019, for the benefit of Oishei Children’s hospital, Allen worked with New Era’s team to design a special-edition cap and released them. Not only the creative-design team but a doctor and a nurse also helped them to develop. Allen was also announced as a shareholder in OnCore Golf Technology in July 2020. It was a golf ball manufacturing company and a golf entertainment company in Buffalo, New York.

Josh Allen

From his early life, Josh Allen used to help his family on the farm. Later, when he grew up, he also invested in his family’s farm. They have made a plan to plant Pistachio trees and cultivate 1000 acres over the next decade. Allen is a spokesperson at Oishei Children’s Hospital. He comes to the hospital and visits patients. He is seen in some of the commercials, too, by which he supports fundraising efforts. Allen donated $200 for each touchdown. And he scored 29 touchdowns during the 2019 seasons.

Resulting in a total donation of $5,800 in 2019. Josh Allen feels a personal connection with those children admitted to the hospital. Because Allen feels the tough time that his brother and his family went through when his brother was hospitalized as a child for a rare Kawasaki disease, he thought of starting a foundation. But he later decided to support existing organizations. In March 2020, he donated $10,000 to Kaleida Health’s COVID-1- Response Fund. He also donated $25,000 for COVID-19 Community Response Fund to Terry and Kim Pegula.




According to the source provided, Josh Allen’s net worth is $21 million.