Some celebs absolutely rake in the dough, making more money in a year or two than we could ever think about getting our hands on in this lifetime. When you are your brand, and when you’re damn good at it, you can really sell anything. But once you make all that money what do you do with it? Buy yourself some weird and wonderful things of course!

We can obviously only dream of spending our humble earnings on such extravagances. Granted, there are some who by some stroke of luck have landed six-figure salary-paying jobs, others might have inherited a fortune from their favorite aunt, who knows… But for the rest of us, we can just keep dreamin’ on… that, or play at an AU online casino, and keep our fingers crossed we’d win some money to give ourselves a treat!

If you stumbled into an obscene amount of cash would you buy these things for yourself? Or would you invest it wisely?

Nicholas Cage

Nic Cage is one of the most eccentric human beings on our list, there is no doubt about it. From his friendship with Hunter S Thompson to his quickie Vegas weddings, the man comes across as a little unhinged at times. But he is also an extremely good actor who has amassed a fortune from all his movie roles. One of his most eccentric purchases? A $270,000 dinosaur skull for his dinosaur collection. The purchase was eventually returned, however, after it was discovered that it was actually a stolen item.

Johnny Depp

And speaking of Hunter S Thompson, another fan and friend, Johnny Depp, took the display of wealth even further wild even more paid-for absurdity. Johnny’s purchase? To blast the ashes of his dead friend out of a custom-made cannon. When you looked at the circus show that was his and ex Amber Heard’s court appearance broadcast live to the world, you can start to imagine the other things the man spends his money on.



Cardi B

Cardi B’s full disclosure that she had purchased her 3-yr old daughter Kulture a rainbow, jeweled Birkin bag for a gift certainly raised some eyebrows. The bag set Cardi back just under $50,000 and was a custom creation for the rapper, inspired by a similar bag at Claires of all places. Cardi’s Hermes collection is definitely one of the more out there collections among the uber-rich – although the Hermes itself is a staple. Cardi’s man, Offset, has gifted Cardi more her than of the Hermes bags himself!



DJ Khaled

The man who needs no introduction and yet always has an introduction (“DJ KHALED!”) last year dropped a cool $3M on a new watch at Jacob & Co. The watch is named Billionaire III and is covered in a ridiculous amount of diamonds alongside 18k white gold. While it may look more like a cuff that a young Paris Hilton might wear, the hitmaker seemed very proud of his new purchase, taking to Instagram to show off his new bling in all its glory.

Kylie Jenner

Self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner is plenty of things and mega-rich is one of them. While you don’t often see her driving herself around, she does have a pretty over-the-top car collection totalling no less than $30 million. The cars include a $350,000 Lamborghini Aventador and a $3,000,000 Bugatti Chiron which she bought for herself as a breakup present post Travis Scott in 2019.



 Mike Tyson

A super splurge item that’s a little out of fashion among many these days but remains hot property among a select few is the exotic animal. Mr Mike Tyson, the well-known fighter, doesn’t just have a tiger in The Hangover movie. The guy also purchased two Bengal Tigers for himself in real life. Was the movie a case of art imitating life or just a direct rip off of the actual truth here?

Magic Johnson

Ex basketball star Magic Johnson made some magic with his millions when he decided to go into fast-food franchising following the end of his amazing career on the court. Magic sunk much of his money into Burger Kings around the country and then later went on to build up over 100 different Starbucks franchises. Getting involved in the business world and doing well is an excellent way to keep stacking those bills higher and Magic has been wildly successful in doing so. After his retirement in 1994, the superstar got to cold-calling associates to step out into his new life as an entrepreneur, which kicked off with buying a number of Pepsi bottling plants way back in the beginning.

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