Do you love online gaming, or would you like to know what is happening in the world of casinos? There are several American celebrities that have built their names around the gaming world along with other industries such as fashion design and various content. Here is a list of some leading American social influencers that have built their names around the gaming world.

Francine (Also Known as Lady Luck)

Francine, also called Lady Luck on social media platforms, is a popular gambling influencer across various platforms. She has amassed over 200,000 fans on Facebook and a similar number on YouTube. Lady Luck also runs a slots channel on YouTube, which is one of the most viewed gambling platforms on the channel. You will also find her content on Instagram and TikTok.

Most of the Lady Luck audience is American. However, she has several international brands on her lap. Her YouTube videos rake in over a million views, with most of the content being based on casino gaming tips and jackpots. She also documents her visits to casinos and the gaming experience there to help land-based gamblers know where to go for their gambling.

Gamers that want to know more about her personal life can follow her on Instagram, where she shares her everyday activities and how her life has turned out since she became a gambling influencer.

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf is a media influencer, a model, and a social media star. The influencer is called “Pouty Girl” on the social media channels and is one of the biggest gaming content creators on the internet. This streamer and Instagram model has a huge following on Twitter and Facebook due to her practical tips and entertaining content.

Besides, Corinna Kopf Casino Streamer is one of the youngest influencers on this list, having been born in December 1995. Her rise on Twitch and live YouTube channels has brought in hundreds of brands and tens of thousands of fans around the globe. When she is not streaming casino content, she is broadcasting fashion tips and her general life.

The social media influencer is also one of the few to join Only Fans with casino content. She earned over $1 million shortly after joining the platform after joining this platform. Corinna is now aggressive in pushing content on social media, leading to her earning millions and working with the top brands.

Vegas Low Roller

Just as the name suggests, Vegas Low Roller is a casino enthusiast whose main focus is the slots machines. He shares his love for gambling with over 134,000 YouTube subscribers. Detailed information about his trips to some of Las Vegas’ top casinos and his track record of winning at slot machines are among the insights.

Vegas Low Roller claims that he is not a high roller. However, he has shared tens of videos showcasing his mega wins at land casinos in Las Vegas, with occasional videos showing his small, fixed jackpot wins. Most of his videos are very entertaining. He is full of fun and charisma while providing practical tips to his followers.

Follow him if you wish to get detailed information on casino gaming or would like to know the places where you can have the best gaming experiences. Vegas Low Roller also has a merchandise line and works with big brands such as the Blue-Chip Casino.

Payne Insider

Payne is one of the leading sports bettors on the internet and a sports commentator for Fox Sports. On Twitter, he chronicles his journey and assists those who want to participate in the betting game. Payne looks at betting as an investment rather than just a way to make cash.

Sports betting is his major specialty, with a focus on college football. He has also made several accurate predictions about big games and even talked about major competitions such as the Super Bowl and NFL. Payne also has a podcast called the Board Pod, which shares odds on the latest games and offers curated news in the world of gambling.

Those who wish to get more from Payne can subscribe to Payne Insider and receive odds, tips, and rewards for betting. His Twitter platform also gives players up-to-the-minute updates on specific games. He is also engaged with FanDuel Sportsbook, among other brands.

Dave Dealer

Dave Dealer is a career casino dealer who started his work on a cruise ship. However, unlike other social media gambling celebrities discussed above, he now focuses most of his efforts on online casinos. His content mostly focuses on helping players earn cash through casino gambling.

The content that Dave offers is great for beginners and those who are experienced in online gaming. He has excellent advice and practical assistance for anyone who wants to make a lot of money gambling online. Dave concentrates on websites that offer the best experience and rewards for gamblers, those that have high-paying slots and the best features.

Rock ‘n’ Rolla

RocknRolla is one of the faces that have been on the gambling community’s networks for a considerable amount of time. He has been active since 2008 and posts on YouTube regularly. Today, he has over 70.6 subscribers on YouTube and many more on other platforms.

The gambling enthusiast is a self-confessed lover of poker. His Twitch account also shares a live stream of him playing various casino titles, including blackjack, poker, and slots. One of the most unique features of his content is that it highlights his losses more than his wins. He also reminds his followers that gambling is a game of chance where there is an equal probability of a win and a loss.

RocknRolla works with several reputable gambling communities and has a community platform called the Gambling Community. Here, gamblers can share information about their experience playing casino games, ask and get solutions to related questions, and share tips in this area.

Online gambling social media channels make it easier for gamers to find practical tips and assistance to enjoy and make money when gaming. These celebrities discussed above offer great, entertaining content to help players earn more from their gaming activities.