Who is SteveWillSendIt?

Steve Deleonardis goes by the name SteveWillSendIt online. He is a content creator who creates gambling videos on the biggest streaming platform. SteveWillSendIt is one of the top Twitch casino streamers. The creator economy has converted streamers, especially on Twitch, to celebrities. Slot streamers not only get many followers but also become influencers. Steve is among the Twitch broadcasters drawing large numbers across different platforms. The American-born content creator has carved a niche amidst the internet gambling crowd.

Even though he is big on casino games, SteveWillSendIt is an all-around entertainer. The streamer’s history goes back several years before casino game streaming was popular. Now, he uses that experience to come up with interesting videos for his audience. His brand might not be for everyone, though, since it involves pranks. He is not afraid to go wild with his stunts, which is part of his appeal. Some online users might know him by the name SteveWillDoIt. Whatever the nickname, expect wild adventures on live streams. Knowing more about SteveWillSendIt tells you if he is worth following on Twitch and other platforms.

SteveWillSendIt Streaming History

As with most casino streamers, Steve began his content creation career on YouTube. He was part of the group Nelk Entertainment, better known as the Nelk Boys, which launched in 2013. The group was famous for imaginative pranks. Originally based in Ontario, the group built a reputation for its willingness to do just about anything. Their Full Send videos are particularly huge because the pranksters were open to trying most things. In 2019, Steve broke off from the Nelk Boys and launched his YouTube channel under the moniker, SteveWillDoIt. The content was still the same – crazy stunts. He would sometimes ask followers to suggest the next challenge or prank.

Steve’s antics have gained him a considerable number of followers. He moved from YouTube to Twitch when he began streaming casino content. SteveWillSendIt doesn’t tire of saying how much he loves gambling and drinking. Although his affinity for gambling has drawn criticism, Steve continues to create live videos. Casino streamer SteveWillSendIt broadcasts purely for entertainment. If you are looking for educational content, this is not the slot streamer for you. The broadcaster is also known for giving away large sums of money to followers.

SteveWillSendIt Biography

Steve Deleonardis was born in Oviedo, Florida, in 1988. Currently living in Los Angeles, the content creator is not married. However, he has a longtime partner, Celina Smith, who sometimes appears in videos with him. In one instance in November 2021, Celina appeared on Steve’s stream, seemingly pregnant, but it later turned out to be a practical joke. SteveWillSendIt doesn’t talk much about his family, but he posts them on his Instagram.

Steve on Twitch

Under the name SteveWillSendIt, Deleonardis plays casino games and streams to viewers. Slots are his favourite games, with Sweet Bonanza topping the list. The gambler likes high variance virtual machines. However, Steve doesn’t limit himself to one genre. He sometimes bets on live games, especially blackjack. The streamer tends to stick to the hottest titles on the casino streaking section on Twitch, but he is not scared of trying new releases. Occasionally, he takes suggestions from the audience on which games to tackle.

During his early days, SteveWillSendIt didn’t gamble exclusively in one casino. Later, he frequented Roobet. As of this writing, most of Steve’s streams are on Stake Casino, which is a crypto site. The player has a penchant for spending big on casino games. However, he is not very transparent about his wins.

SteveWillSendIt mostly gambles for fun. He has also been known to play while inebriated. At one time, he said that in gambling, you only lose when you quit. Although meant as motivation, these sentiments are misguided because gambling relies on luck most of the time. Additionally, the average casino player rarely wins since the house always has an advantage.

SteveWillSendIt on Social Media

Online visibility is crucial for streamers, which is why they have profiles on multiple social networks. SteveWillSendIt is active on all the major sites.

YouTube is where Steve made his mark as a content creator. So, it’s not surprising that he still maintains a presence on the website even after he transitioned to casino gaming. His primary channel, SteveWillDoIt has about 4.7 million subscribers. It’s the channel that shows how far the creator has come. A new viewer who wants to learn more about the streamer will find it useful. Steve has a second channel, SteveWillDoIt Two, dedicated to his gambling videos. Although YouTube doesn’t allow streaming of live gambling broadcasts, users can post highlights. The channel is relatively young and has approximately 250,000 subscribers.

Instagram is another platform Steve uses to connect with audiences. He uses the same nickname, SteveWillDoIt. The account has several million followers, most of them gained from his YouTube content. Instagram provides a more personal perspective into the streamer’s life. He posts photos of his family and friends. Steve also uses the platform for short video clips promoting his Twitch streams.

On TikTok, SteveWillDoIt is known for splashy giveaways. He uses the platform to award followers and post short clips of his pranks. The streamer doesn’t post a lot of gambling content on TikTok, but it’s still a good place to interact with the Twitch streamer.

Discord allows Steve to interact with fans. With a community of over 35,000, the streamer finds more than a few gambling enthusiasts to engage with. He is active in Discord and uses the platform to answer common questions.

SteveWillSendIt, who also goes by SteveWillDoIt on some social sites, is a prolific casino streamer on Twitch. The content creator captivates audiences with daring challenges, jokes and stunts. He spices up his gambling videos with lively banter, which is slowly establishing him as one of the top casino streamers. SteveWillSendIt shows what it means to take chances, both in gambling and in life.