Dinesh Melwani

Who is Dinesh Melwani? Dinesh Melwani is renowned as an Indian-Canadian Transactional Attorney, Instagram influencer, and Tik Tok star. He is known as The Real Indian Dad and his animated face videos. Dinesh is also known as the husband of Tik Tok sensation Sheena Melwani. Sheena Melwani is renowned as a Canadian-American Youtuber, social media […]

Tina Kitten

Who is TIna Kitten? Tina Kitten is renowned as a Korean-American content creator known for her sense of humor and her personality. Tina is an up-and-coming Twitch streamer who is rising in the ranks. Tina Kitten is often seen performing with other famous content creators such as Lily “lilypichu” Kim Peter “peterparktv Park, Rachell “Valkyrae” […]