Louise Kellyman

Louise Kellyman is the mother of celebrity Erin Kellyman. Erin kellyman is an actress who came into the limelight after her exceptional performance in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s show The Falcon and the winter soldier. Kellyman is a strong mother and an independent business person who has worked in several industries and made her living. She […]

Jeanne Burd

Jeanne Burd is known as the mother of Lil Dicky. Burd came into the limelight because of her son. Lil Dicky is renowned as an American rapper, comedian, and actor. Dicky came into the spotlight with the publication of the music video for his song “Ex-Boyfriend” in 2013, which became famous with over one million […]

Heather Carmilla Joseph

Heather Carmilla Joseph is known as the “mother of 21 Savage.” Joseph came into the limelight because of her son. Joseph is also known for her social media posts, having attended several of 21 Savage’s official events and releases, and being a strong independent single mother. Early Life and Age Heather Carmilla Joseph has not […]

Heidi Russo

Who is Heidi Russo? Heidi Russo is renowned as an American-certified nurse and celebrity mother. However, she is mostly known for being the biological mother of Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick is known as an American football player. Colin is a free agent and one of the most successful quarterbacks in football history. How old is […]

Monica Braithwaite

Who is Monica Braithwaite? Monica Braithwaite is renowned as the pop star Rihanna’s mother. She came into the limelight as the mother of singer Rihanna. Rihanna is renowned as a famous songwriter, pop, and R&B singer of Barbadian origin. In addition, she is known as a Fashion Designer, Model, and actress. Rihanna is one of […]

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Who is Guadalupe Rodriguez? Guadalupe Rodriguez is renowned as a celebrity mother and a Puerto Rican socialite. She is widely famed as the mother of famous American singer, actress, and dancer, Jennifer Lopez. In addition, Guadalupe is a huge gambler who once won $2.4 million while playing the slot machines. Jennifer Lopez is renowned as […]

London King

Who is London King? London King is renowned as a former model. She works as a doula (someone who gives support and advice to a woman during pregnancy) in New York. London is also a childbirth educator. King has also worked as an actress in movies like A Better Way to Die. King is the […]

Gloria James

Who is Gloria James? Gloria James is the well-known celebrity mother of American basketball player LeBron James. She is also a philanthropist and community advocate, famous for her active participation in the LeBron James Family Foundation and its I Promise program. How old is Gloria James? Gloria James was born in 1968, on February 4. […]

Dru Ann Mobley

Who is Dru Ann Mobley? Dru Ann Mobley is a famous ex-celebrity wife and celebrity mother. Dru is best known as the mother of famous American actor Armie Hammer and ex-wife of businessman Michael Armand Hammer who started his early acting career through guest appearances is many television series.  Dru’s son Armie’s first significant role […]