Madi Monroe

Madi Monroe is renowned as a famous American Tik Tok star, actress, and internet sensation. She is also a celebrity couple with another Tik Tok star Jack Riyn. Madi is also run her own YouTube channel. Early Life and Age Madi Monroe was born in 2004, on January 27, in Arizona, in the United States […]

Faith Ordway

Faith Ordway is renowned as a Tik Tok star and Instagram influencer. She is known for dancing videos on Tik Tok that went viral. Faith is also active on her YouTube channel, with 48.5k subscribers. Early Life and Age Faith Ordway was born in 2001, on March 23, in Defiance, Ohio, in the United States […]

Trevor Wagner

Who is Trevor Wagner? Trevor Wagner is an American Tik Tok star self-described “thick boy” under the official username was trevor_wagner. He has posted comedy, lip-sync and blog content for more than 1 million fans. Early Life and Age Trevor Wagner was born in 1997, on August 1. Trevor was born in the United States […]

Presley Elise

Who is Presley Elise? Presley Elise is well-known as a young and talented American Tik Tok star who was named LA Perfect Cheerleader 2016-2017 and Little Miss Louisiana United States 2017-2018. Presley Elise has also mustered 49.7k followers on Tik Tok and 86.7k followers on Instagram. How old is Presley Elise? Presley Elise was born […]

Gio Wise

Gio Wise is well-known as an American Tik Tok star, professional basketball player, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Gio is renowned for posting his original basketball tricks and stunt videos on Tik Tok. Gio Wise has gathered more than 480k followers as of June 2021. He primarily posts content about his basketball career. Gio has […]

Kouvr Annon

Kouvr Annon is renowned as an American Tik Tok star, Youtuber, and social media sensation. She is well-known for her Tik Tok account named “k0uvr” for posting dancing, lips sync, etc., video, and member of Tik Tok group The Hype House. Kouvr Annon has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans all over social media as […]