Raul Conde

Who is Raul Conde? Raul Conde is well-known as an American rapper. However, he is mostly known as the ex-husband of an actress, model, reality star, and author, Erica Conde. Erica Conde is renowned as a model, a music video actress, and a television superstar. She came into the limelight after her appearances in the show […]


Who is Macei? Macei is well-known as an American rapper and social media personality. She is known for her rapping and dancing skills, which can be heard in many of her songs, including “I’m Back,” Bossy, and they hate her. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel. She is also well-known as an actress. Macei […]

Ruby Da Cherry

Who is Ruby Da Cherry? Ruby Da Cherry is known as an American rapper. He is also known as Snow Leopard. Ruby is one of two rap duo Suicide boys who performs alongside his cousin Suicide Christ. Suicide Christ is renowned as an American hip-hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is one of two […]

Damon Wimbley

Who is Damon Wimbley? Damon Wimbley is renowned as an American rapper and actor. He is known as a former member of the hip-hop group, The Fat Boys. The Fat Boys were established in the early 1980s with three American hip-hop trios. The team was briefly known as the Disco 3, originally composed of Mark […]

Who is deborah elizabeth sawyer? What does Doja Cat’s Mother do for living?

The Jewish- American artist Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a famous painter who rose to fame as a celebrity mother of Doja Cat. Sawyer’s daughter, Doja, is a famous American rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer. The celebrity mother gained huge success after dropping her music video named Moo!. So what is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s job, […]

Kesha Ward

Who is Kesha Ward? Nakesha Ward, often known as Kesha Ward, is the wife of 2 Chainz, a hip-hop legend and musician. Kesha Ward got to fame after dating 2 Chainz, who has been in a nearly fourteen-year relationship. She is also the mother of 2 Chainz’s three children. Her accomplishments as a mother and […]

Lil Meech

Lil Meech is well-known as a popular American rapper, singer, actor, television personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. He is also renowned as the son of Demetrius Flenory, aka Big Meech. Big Meech is renowned as a popular drug dealer and record label owner. He is popular for founding the organization Black Mafia Family. Bio […]