Sullivan Sweeten is an actor from America. Sullivan started his journey as a childhood actor. He is popular for his journey in the movies like “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and “Casting.”

Quick WikiActor
Full NameSullivan Skye Sweeten
Date of Birth12th May, 1995
Birth PlaceBrownwood, Texas, USA
Parent(s)Mother-Elizabeth Sweeten
Father-Timothy Sweeten
SpouseMadylin Sweeten, Maysa Sweeten,
Sawyer Sweeten
Age25 years old
Weight60 kg
Height5 feet 5 inches
Net Worth$1.5 million


The birthplace of Sullivan Sweeten is Brownwood, Texas, USA. He came into the world on 12th May 1995. The current age of Sullivan is 25 years old.

Sullivan Sweeten
Sullivan Sweeten smiling with a bag on his shoulder (Source: thefamouspeople )

His father’s name is Timothy Sweeten. The name of his mother is Elizabeth Millsap. He grew up with three siblings. They are his elder sister Madylin Sweeten, younger sister Maysa Sweeten, and twin brother Sawyer Sweeten.


Carbon Copy of Sullivan Sweeten-Sawyer Sweeten

One name that always comes side by side while talking about Sullivan Sweeten is Sawyer Sweeten. Sawyer Sweeten is the twin brother of Sullivan Sweeten. Both of the twins became popular after portraying the role of Geoffrey and Michael Barone in the popular situational comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Sullivan and Swayer trying to mirror each other in the photograph (Source: Google)

Sullivan Sweeten along with his twin brother Sawyer Sweeten began their acting journey in the series when they were only sixteen months old. It was in 1996. They appeared for a total of 142 episodes till the final episode of the series in 2005. They also shared the screen along with their elder sister Madylin Sweeten. Madylin portrayed the role of Ally Barone in the series.


Suicidal Death of Sawyer Sweeten

Sawyer Sweeten is the twin brother of Sullivan Sweeten. He committed suicide on 23rd April 2015. There was a self-triggered wound of a gun found on his head. Sawyer was nineteen years old. He killed himself two weeks before his twentieth birthday.

Sawyer was a kind-hearted and benevolent person. He never cared about money whether he had it or not. Sawyer was always ahead when it comes to giving to others. He was highly affected by the pain of other people.


First Interview of Elizabeth about the death of Sawyer

According to his mother Elizabeth, it was eight days before his suicide that she observed that he was going through some problems. It was when she had visited him in the house that Sullivan and Sawyer had bought and had started living in it.

Swayer’s mother sharing about the last days of Swayer in an interview with Larry King (Source: YouTube)

Sawyer was looking disheveled, kind of unplugged, and was wandering aimlessly from room to room in his house. It seemed like he was not aware of where he belonged to in the house.  She found it quite odd.

Sullivan has shared with his mother that he noticed Sawyer was looking a bit different. Elizabeth had even tried to talk with him. She asked him what he was going through. To this, Sawyer simply replied that he was fine. But still, he was wandering. She asked him again about his situation and he even added that he was fine.

Elizabeth went along with Sawyer for bowling on the following day. But the disheveled expression was still the same. She again asked the same question. Sawyer kept saying that he didn’t know and he was tired of saying he didn’t know the last two days he had said it so many times. He was rubbing the front side of his head just constantly like it was hurting or what was going on.

Sawyer told Elizabeth that California made you thought things that weren’t true. He even added that it made you think things that weren’t true. Sawyer even said that he needed to get out of there. Elizabeth even thought of helping her son. She felt maybe his roommates were making him feel uneasy in his house. Elizabeth even added that they should try to work on their problem rather than escaping away from it.

Elizabeth asked Sawyer whether he is feeling depressed or need to see a doctor and start medication. Sawyer replied that he no. He said that doctors didn’t prescribe real drugs and it was a placebo. This made Elizabeth confused. She felt the intelligence of her child. But she tried to convince about the doctors will be a helpful option. She tried to dig out the truth but nothing came out.


Texas Trip of Sawyer with his father

Sawyer also went to Texas along with his father. He had a conversation with his dad that he felt like he was evil. Sawyer even added that he didn’t deserve to live. They were in the middle of the desert during that time. His father had called his mother and shared about Sawyer’s verdict. Elizabeth sensed that it was not about the roommates but the feeling that no one liked him.

It felt like Sawyers was dealing with the state of the mind that he was feeling no one was ling his presence. Sawyers thought that everyone was covering their anger with their laughter.

Sawyer killed himself in the house of his aunt in Texas, Austin.


Net Worth

Sullivan Sweeten has been part of the acting fraternity for more than twenty years. Sullivan has been part of the popular situational comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond.” He has worked in both movies and series. According to, he has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million.


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