Quick Interesting Facts and Stats About Simon Templeman

Simon Templeman is an English actor who has voiced numerous characters in the video game genre of the entertainment industry.

Quick Infos
Full NameSimon Templeman
Date of birth28 January, 1954
Birth PlaceSussex, England
Height5ft 11in
WifeRosalind Chao
Net Worth$2 million

He is popular for voicing the character of Jacob Danik in the science fiction survival horror adventure action video game, ‘Dead Space 3’, of Gabriel Roman in the 2011 adventure action game, ‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception ’, Peirithous in the 2010 adventure action game, ‘God of War 3’ and the voice of Absalom and Avatar of Chaos in the 2012 action role-playing hack and slash adventure action video game, ‘Darksiders 2’.

Besides his video gaming career, he is also popular in the movie category as he has played in series like ‘James Bond Junior’, ‘Loonatics Unleashed’ and ‘Charmed’ alongside Amy Adams and Zachary Quinto.

Simon Templeman
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Templeman was born on 28 January 1954 in Sussex, England to parents whose identity has not been made public by the actor. Likewise, information regarding his family background and childhood is also not available online. Besides this, he is currently 67 years old with the zodiac sign of Aquarius.



Information regarding Simon Templeman’s educational background is not available online.


Simon Templeman and his Career


Simon lent his voice for the role of numerous characters in the animation section. He gave his debut performance in the year 1991 when he voiced the character of Rick Sky for an episode of the American animated television series, ‘TaleSpin’ followed by the role of Trevor Noseworthy IV in the 1991 animated series, ‘James Bond Junior’ and the role of Sir Mordred in the 1991 American animated television series, ‘The Legend of Prince Valiant’.

Following these roles, he has also voiced Doctor Doom in the 1994 animated television series, ‘Fantastic Four’, Sir Mordred for two episodes of the science fiction animated action series, ‘Biker Mice from Mars’ and Doctor Doom again in the 1996 animated television series, ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

Likewise, he has also voice Dr. Gelee and Dr. Dare for two episodes each of the 2001 French Canadian animated television series, ‘Totally Spies!’ and the 2005 American animated television series, ‘Loonatics Unleashed’.


Television Shows

Templeman gave his debut performance on television in the year 1983 when he played the role of Neville Grant for an episode of the British crime-action television drama series, ‘The Professionals’ followed by the role of John Bates in the 1990 American science fiction television series, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation and the role of Foster in the 1990 American mystery television series, ‘Father Dowling Mysteries’ both for an episode each.

Likewise, he has appeared for an episode each in series like the 1993 American crime drama television series, ‘Moon Over Miami’, the 1995 American sitcom, ‘Ned and Stacey’, the 1999 American teen sitcom, ‘Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane’, the 2016 American multi-camera sitcom television series, ‘The Odd Couple’ alongside Saul Rubinek and Johnny Depp and the 2017 American television crime drama television series, ‘Ray Donovan’.

Moreover, Templeman also played the role of Lord Nor for two episodes of the 1996 American superhero television series, ‘Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ’, the role of Angel of Death for three episodes of the 2001 American supernatural fantasy drama television series, ‘Charmed’, the role of Leo for two episodes of the 2005 American comedy-drama television series, ‘Related’ and the role of Teddy Grammatico for three episodes of the 2015 American comedy television series, ‘House of Lies’.

Besides this, his most recent work came in the year 2019 when he played the role of Ronald Adair for an episode of the 2019 American procedural drama television series, ‘Elementary’ alongside Joe Tuttle and Mila Kunis.

Simon Templeman
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Video Games

Simon Templeman’s debut performance in the video game industry was the role of the Wingman, the Civilian, and the Smuggler in the 1994 Star Wars space flight simulator and space combat video game, ‘Star Wars: TIE Fighter’. Following these roles, he was cast for the recurring role of Kain in the ‘Legacy of Kain’ video game series. He portrayed the role of Kain in video games like ‘Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain’ in the year 1996, ‘Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver’ in the year 1999, ‘Soul Reaver 2’ in the year 2001, ‘Blood Omen 2’ in the year 2002 and ‘Legacy of Kain: Defiance’ in the year 2003.

Besides this, he has also voiced various characters in video games like the 2004 action role-playing game, ‘The Bard’s Tale’, the 2009 role-playing game, ‘Dragon Age: Origins’, the 2010 action role-playing video game, ‘Mass Effect 2’, the 2011 action role-playing video game, ‘Infinity Blade 2’ and the 2011 massively multiplayer online role-playing game, ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic.

His most recent work came in the year 2018 when he played the role of Marshal Everit Reade and Thaelin Darkanvil in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, ‘World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’ and the role of Derek Garrison and Mothman Cultists in the Wastelanders Downloadable Content update of the online action role-playing game, ‘Fallout 76’.


Personal Life: Wife and Children

Simon Templeman is married to Rosalind Chao since the year 1989. The couple has stayed together since then and has been blessed with a daughter whose name is Yi-Mei Thompson and a son whose name is Roland Templeman.



Simon Templeman holds an English nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Unfortunately, his religious ideology and views are also not available online.


Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Simon Templeman is active on social media platforms. His official Twitter account (@TemplemanSimon) has over 2.9 thousand followers.

Simon Templeman
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Physical Features and Body Measurement

He has an average-shaped body figure with a pair of grey colored eyes and brown colored hair.


Simon Templeman’s height is 5 feet and 11 inches (1.80m/180cms).


Simon Templeman’s weight is 88kgs (194lbs).


What kinds of Awards and Nominations has  Simon Temple Achieved?

Simon Temple was nominated by the Behind the Voice Actors Award for the Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game in the year 2013 along with the cast of ‘Darksiders 2’.


What Is Simon Templeman Current Net Worth?

As of the year 2020, Simon Templeman has an approximate net worth of $2 million.