Sarah Aspin is a talented British Woman who is married to the famous Blake Fielder. The couple has an unlikely meeting that seems unique to many people. Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil is a renowned couple who were always in the media spotlight for the toxic relationship between Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy.

Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil both were drugs addict at a point in time. They had the same personality and went through the same path in their life. So both of them were admitted to rehabilitation centers, where they met each other for the first time in their life.

In their first meeting only, they felt some connection as if they were meant to be destined together. They were recovering from the drugs, and they had to improve their lives by leaving drugs.

Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil
Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil. Image Source: The Irish Sun

When did Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil start dating?

Life inside rehab wasn’t effortless. They were lonely and hoping for company. Finally, they found each other and enjoyed each other’s company a lot. Slowly without knowing, the couple began to the full for each other. Finally, they were in love with the Rehab. Their blooms of loved helped them wean off heroin and make each other happy and recovered.

After getting out of rehab, they immediately moved to Sheffield, where they began living together. They are happy and have given birth to a wonderful baby. The family is enjoying their life, and it seems like Blake is finally happy after a long journey of his Toxic relationship with Amy Winehouse.

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Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil
Image Source: Daily Mail

How was the relationship between Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil?

As known before, people need to go through a rough path before wondering about life that happened with Blake. Instead, he fell for Amy Winehouse, whom he married after two years of dating. Everything seemed cool initially, but Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil began getting huge media attraction for their addiction, fight imprisonment, and abuses.


What are Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil current relationship status?

Due to the huge spread of Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil’s toxic relationship, their parents forcefully asked them to get a divorce finalized in 2009, but it wasn’t the end. They used to meet where Amy visited Blake in Prison and even wrote him letters. It is said before her death, too, she tried to meet Blake in prison. Their toxic relationship came to an end after the unfortunate demise of Amy in 2011 caused due to alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder-Civil
Image Source: The Sun

After suffering from this, it was hard for Blake to recover, and nobody expected him to cope with the death of his love, but fortunately, with the help of great support, he did come out of it and is now living an amazing life with Sarah Aspin.


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