Who is River Phoenix?

A new star is born every day in the glamour field. We might not get daily news of a huge launch of a new actor. But someone is always getting a selection for the start of a career. The professional life of an actor is really tough. First of all, he or she has to undergo a great phase of struggle to get a good project, then to reach the stardom, and then to maintain it.

The world of glamour is very attractive from the far but it has it’s hugely truth hidden inside. Despite the ugliness and nepotism, the life of an actor depends on how he carries himself or herself. One really needs to be careful about taking or avoiding all the energies around them.

Quick Infos
Full NameRiver Jude Bottom
Date of BirthAugust 23, 1970
Birth PlaceMadras, Oregon, U.S.
parent(s)/sibiling(s)Arlyn Dunetz (mother)
John Lee Bottom(father)
Rain Phoenix (sister)
Joaquin Phoenix (brother)
Liberty Phoenix (sister)
Summer Phoenix (sister)
OccupationActor, Musician, activist
Death dateOctober 31, 1993

Likewise, during the making of a career, actors can even ruin their life. Some even ruin them in the struggling phase. There is also a trend of visiting clubs and parties to make contacts. And this sort of activity can result in the involvement in cocktails and booze. But instead of following the passion for acting, they may indulge in bad habits.
Moreover, alcoholism and drug addiction are some of the major causes of affecting the stardom of an actor.

Similarly, River Phoenix is also one of the actors who lost his precious life because of a drug overdose. People know him for his contributions in the movies like “Explorers” and “Running on Empty.” River was also a passionate musician. He was an appreciable guitarist. River Phoenix  is also popular for his animal rights movement activities. He was an active spokesperson for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA).

Early Life

Arlyn Dunetz gave birth to River in Madras, Oregon, the USA on 23 August 1970. His father was John Lee Bottom. He grew up in a small town in Florida called Micanopy. River was the eldest of all the five siblings. He was elder to Liberty, Summer, Joaquin, and Rain Phoenix.
The financial condition of his family was really weak. In order to provide some help to the family, River used to busk along with his sister. Poverty became a major reason for not joining the school for River. His family was part of the controversial Christian Movement called “Children of God.”

The movements stationed the family in Caracas, Venezuela. But there were many unethical activities from the organizations so they dropped their participation and went back to the US. His father, John, worked as an architect. His mother, Arlyn, worked for “NBC.”

River Phoenix 


River Phoenix  had been the face of commercials since the age of ten. She appeared in the commercials of “Ocean Spray”, ” Saks Fifth Avenue” and “Mitsubishi.” His official acting career started with the TV Show “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” in September 1982. Despite the show ran for a single season only, it got the nomination in the “Emmy Award.” Likewise, he appeared in TV movies like “Surviving: A Family in Crisis” and “Celebrity.”

Moreover, River did his film debut from “Explorers” in 1985. It was an American science fiction movie.
The movie got a lot of praise from critics but it wasn’t commercially successful. Then, River appeared in a lead role in the drama movie “Stand by Me” in 1986. The film got several award nominations including Oscars and was also commercially successful. Director Rob Reiner had directed the movie.

The same year River Phoenix appeared in the movie “The Mosquito Coast.” He was part of the movies like “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon” and “Running On Empty” in 1988. People and the critics loved his performance in “Running On Empty.” He succeeded to get “Oscar” nominations for the performance in the movie in 1989.

Then, after working on the second movie nominated for Oscar, he was going towards success. And he became part of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” in 1989. The renowned director Steven Spielberg had directed the movie. It became commercially successful and even won Oscar. He was also part of the movie “Dogfight” in 1991. Director Nancy Sacova had directed the movie.

Likewise, River Phoenix became part of the adventure movie “My Own Private Idaho ” in1991. He was in the lead role and won multiple awards for her performance. He was also part of the movie “Sneakers” in 1992. It was a commercially successful movie. He also did movies like “The Thing Called Love” in 1993 and “Silent Tongue” in 1994. He was doing “Dark Blood” during his untimely death. The movie was released after almost twelve years after his death in 2012.

River Phoenix also had a passion for music. He had made a band along with his sister Rain called “Aleka’s Attic” in 1987. “Heart to getting”, “Across the Way”, ” Curi Curi”, and “Too Many Colors” were some of the released songs from the band.

River Phoenix 

Relationship/Personal Life

River Phoenix was a complete package for women. He was handsome and charming. During the phase of making his career, he had been in a number of relationships. Martha Plimpton, Suzanne Solgot, and Samantha Mantis were in a relationship with River.

Social Media

River Phoenix died on October 31, 1993. At that time, social media had not been flourished. Hence there are no details of him being active on social sites. But he was a socially responsible human. He was quite active in social works.

River was active as a spokesperson of “PETA”. He even received a humanitarian award for his fundraising effort from the organization in 1992. He used to help environmental organizations like ” Earth Save” and “Earth Trust.” His remarkable contribution was of buying of endangered rainforests of 800 acres in Costa Rica.

Net Worth

River Phoenix was professionally active in acting for about 10 years. He has been part of TV shows and movies. According to the evaluation of his projects, and celebritynetworth.net, he has an approximate net worth of $5 million.

River Phoenix 

Nutshell Bio

The full name of River was River Jude Phoenix. River Phoenix was at the age of 23 when he died. His nationality was American and ethnicity was He had an attractive height of 5 feet 10 inches with a complimentary weight of 72 kgs.