Oleksandra Nikolayenko is an actress, philanthropist, pageant winner, and model from Ukraine. Oleksandra entered the “Top Ten” of the “Miss World” in 2001. She also became the Miss Ukraine Universe in 2004.

Oleksandra Nikaloyenko has even been on the jury of various pageants. She even judged the “Miss Universe 2005.” Oleksandra is also an aspiring Interior Designer. She is also the “National Director Chairman” of the “Miss Ukraine Universe.” Oleksandra is even famous as the wife of Phil Ruffin.

Quick WikiActress, Model
Full NameOleksandra Nikolayenko
Date of Birth3rd July 1981
Birth PlaceBudapest, Hungary
ProfessionModel, Interior Designer, Actress
SpousePhil Ruffin (Since 2008)
Age39 years old
Weight56 kg
Height5 feet 10 inches
Net Worth$205 billion (Phil's Net Worth)

Early Life

The birthplace of Oleksandra Nikolayenko is Budapest, Hungary. She came into the world on 3rd July 1981. Her current age is 39 years old. The name of her parents is not clear. Her mother was an economist, and her father was an army officer.

Oleksandra grew up along with her elder sister. They are best friends. Oleksandra was passionate about modeling from an early age. She even followed a healthy diet and exercise routine to make her career in modeling in the future.

Oleksandra Nikolayenko
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Who is the husband of Oleksandra Nikolayenko?

Phill Ruffin is the husband of Oleksandra Nikolayenko. The couple was married in 2008. It was a huge ceremony. The couple is the happy parents of two children. They are Malena (four years old) and Richard William Ruffin (seven years old).

The exciting thing about the marriage of the couple was the age difference. Oleksandra was twenty-seven years old during the time of marriage. She seems to follow the rule that age is just a number.

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Her husband Phill was seventy-two years old. The age difference between the couple is 45 years old. Oleksandra has shared in an interview that she was very comfortable with the age difference.

Phil Ruffin is a businessman from America. He is the owner of the “Circus Circus Hotel Casino” and “Treasure Island Hotel.” He has also invested in casinos, real estate, oil productions, and many more.

Oleksandra Nikolayenko
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How did Oleksandra Nikolayenko and Phill Ruffin meet?

There are no clear ideas about how the couple had met. But there are predictions that the mutual friend, Donald Trump, of both, had introduced them. Both Oleksandra and Phill have been very close to the former US president.

Social Media

Oleksandra Nikolayenko is not active on social media platforms. She seems to enjoy her life far away from the hassle of maintaining social media platforms. Oleksandra appears to enjoy her life with her family and friends rather than making virtual connections.

She also focuses on productive skills rather than spending time on social media platforms. However, despite her absence on social media, there are a lot of posts on social media that mention her name.

People share pictures, videos, and tags mentioning Oleksandra during her republic appearance. There are a lot of social media posts that mention her when it comes to the beauty pageants and appearance with Donald Trump. However, her inactivity on social media does not stop her from becoming a sensational topic on social media platforms.

Oleksandra Nikolayenko
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Net Worth

Oleksandra Nikolayenko has been part of the limelight for more than fifteen years. She has started modeling at the age of fourteen. Oleksandra has been part of many beauty pageants and has also been on the jury of prestigious beauty titles.

Although the details of her salary and net worth are not precise. She seems to be enjoying her life than bragging about her achievements and belongings. It might be because of the high-profile economic status of her husband.  According to celebritynetworth, she has an approximate net worth of $2.5 billion.


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