In the wake of being let out of jail, Nikko Jenkins is an American criminal firmly connected with the series of binge killings of four people inside the space of about fourteen days in Omaha, Nebraska.

He is known for his abnormal affirmations of not being insane despite his court tricks that appeared to be insane during his preliminary. Assuming blood can be connected to individuals’ violations, Nikko Jenkins is firmly attached to a childhood loaded with wrongdoing and different indecencies.

Nikko Jenkins
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Nikko Allen Jenkins was born on September 16, 1986, in Colorado to David A. Magee and Lori Jenkins, who was known as criminals. His sister is Erika and Melonie Jenkins, who grew up in Nebraska.

Quick WikiNikko Jenkins
Full NameNikko Jenkins
Date of BirthSeptember 16, 1986
Birth PlaceOmaha,Nebraska,United States
FatherDavid A. Magee
MotherLori Jenkins
Weight72 kg
Height5 Feet 8 inches
Waist72 kg
Current relation statusMarried
Sister nameErica and Melonie Jenkins
Wife nameChalonda Jenkins

What Crimes Did He Commit ??

At seven years old, Nikko Jenkins initially showed criminal propensities when he took a firearm to school. But, notwithstanding not hurting anybody, it was a warning. He was first sent to jail after a carjacking case at 15 years old, and he served ten and a half years out of his 21 years sentence.

Soon after emerging from jail, he was engaged with a progression of binge killings inside the period weeks. On August thirteenth, 2013, he attracted two men, Julian Uribe Pena and Jorge C. Cariga-Ruiz, with the appearance of having personal relations with two ladies to shoot them.

He found Curtis Bradford’s group on August seventeenth, and examination prompted his relationship with Nikko Jenkins from his time in jail. He had before presented in a Facebook photograph with Nikko Jenkins. His last casualty, Andrea Kruger’s body, was found by the street with various discharge wounds.

He was stuck with a fear monger undermining charge and mounting proof of his association in every one of the killings. Then, finally, Nikko Jenkins admitted to all killings in an 8-hour exhausting meeting.

Nikko Jenkins
Nikko Jenkin’s ex-Wife. Image Source Youtube

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Who is Nikko Jenkins’s wife?

Chalonda Jenkins is Nikko’s wife. She is an American convicted criminal. Nikko Jenkins and Chalonda got married at the Tecumseh State Prison on 6th February 2010. But marriage does not last long. They got divorced on August 7, 2017. Chalonda also has been in prison three times. 

Some facts of Nikko Jenkins 

He got Imprisoned at age 15 due to carjacking and assault. He has held that he committed crimes under the direction of Apophis. He has confessed by writing a letter that protects Apophis’s kingdom.

It went wrong when he tried to mutilate his penis to look like Apophis. he also attempted to carve the number 666 on his forehead but has made a mistake, and instead of 666, he craves 999. 

After being condemned, his mental assessment was consented to be done at the Lincoln jail since authorities wouldn’t do it at the provincial community for the sake of security. The mental assessment finished up he had an enemy of social issues and possibly faking schizophrenia.

Nikko Jenkins
Image Source Youtube

Arrest and Trial

On 30 August 2013, Jenkins was captured for making terroristic threats to his wife. Chalonda Jenkins had announced him. By then, at that point, specialists had gathered a large group of proof against him. Afterward, on 3 September, Jenkins admitted to the killings in a meandering rambling eight-hour meet.

Where is Nikko Jenkins now?

Nikko Jenkins is in jail, anticipating the date of his execution, which hasn’t been set. He is one of the detainees waiting for capital punishment in the province of Nebraska, yet a demise date has not been set for him yet.


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