Our favorite Disney Channel shows as a kid were, by default, those with white casts and that one black companion. Golda Rosheuvel’s portrayal of Queen Charlotte in Netflix’s blockbuster series Bridgerton made me proud to witness a Caribbean lady in such a powerful character on television.

Quick WikiGolda Rosheuvel
Full NameGolda Rosheuvel
Date of Birth1st January 1972
Birth PlaceGuyana
FatherGuyanese Rosheuvel
MotherJudith Evans Rosheuvel
Net Worth$15 million
Golda Rosheuvel
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Golda Rosheuvel, a long-time theatre actress, was born in Guyana on 1st January 1972 to British mother Judith Evans and Guyanese father, Siegfried Rosheuvel. Her parents met at a music event in Barbados in the 1960s, where they participated in a choir and began dating soon after. Rosheuvel’s mother was a priest’s niece, and her father was the Bishop of Barbados. Siegfried’s family lived in Guyana, so they married and moved there.

In 1975, all families relocated to the United Kingdom, where Rosheuvel has resided. She does, however, maintain a connection with her Guyanese ancestors. “We’d bring our pepper pot with us.” At Christmas, we had our garlic pork. I still have my chicken curry and cook-up rice. Then we’d have our afternoon teas, complete with scones and clotted cream and jam.”

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Early Career of Golda Rosheuvel

Golda Rosheuvel enjoyed singing and acting in school plays, but she never imagined herself as an actress. Instead, Rosheuvel desired to compete in track and field. She worked hard in secondary school to prepare for the Olympics in the hopes of winning a medal.

It wasn’t until an ‘accident of fate,’ as Naomi Campbell put it, derailed her plans that she realized she was on the right track. Rosheuvel has missed months of training due to a sprained ankle. She turned her concentration to music and performance during that time, and she soon traded in her computer for a guitar.

Before her screen-stealing debut as Queen Charlotte, Rosheuvel participated in several legendary theatre shows. Rosheuvel starred in Othello and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth and roles in Romeo and Juliet, The Winter’s Tale, Porgy and Bess, and Angels in America.

Rosheuvel has wowed crowds with her theatrical performances for a long time. In Simon Godwin’s 2019 production of The Winter’s Tale, theatre critic Lyn Gardener called her “the best Paulina” he’d ever seen. However, Golda’s path as a black, gay immigrant in the theatre was not simple.

Golda Rosheuvel
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Golda Rosheuvel completed most of her previous work in the latter half of her career, with her first leading role as lesbian Othello in Othello in 2018 at 47. When asked what she had to give up to get where she is now in a 2018 interview with The Guardian, she said, “My ego… You have to keep it in check, or otherwise, you’ll be asking yourself, “Why not me?” as an actor. “Just relax; your time will come,” I’ve learned to say. And it certainly did.

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Relationship Status 

Golda Rosheuvel is a lesbian who has been in a long-term relationship with Shireen Mula, a writer.

“My partner is a writer, and she fights to get work seen,” Golda previously stated regarding the scarcity of LGBTQ+ presence in the arts. Therefore, she writes gay material that she is familiar with. “However, are there any gay plays or gay characters?” It’s a pity, in my opinion. I believe it is a matter of funding, with people fearful of losing money if they invest in stories about the Other. It’s pretty rare for me to act in my casting bracket, which includes being gay.”

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Net Worth 

Golda Rosheuvel’s total assets are estimated to be around $15 million in 2020, according to networthpost.org. Acting is also recognized as a source of good fortune. There is currently no information available on Golda Rosheuvel’s relationship status. As a result, it’s difficult to say whether she has a sweetheart or a spouse.

To conclude, we are aware that Golda Rosheuvel began her professional career in 2000 with a TV show called “Incredible Performances.”

Social Media

Golda Rosheuvel can be found on Instagram under the handle @goldarosheuvel and has an Instagram account with up to 2.6k followers. If Twitter is more your thing, you can find her there as @goldarosh.


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