Gigi Hadid, the VOGUE cover model, who has had a glittering career having made it to the big stages following in her mother’s footsteps in the glamour world, has recently revealed the anxieties she faced during her first pregnancy.

Gigi Hadid anxiety during pregnancy

Hadid, married to former One Direction singer Zyan Malik, in a recent interview with the Harper Bazaar magazine, has revealed various anxious moments and second thoughts about being a mother.

At the same time, she was pregnant with her first child, who she gave birth in September 2020 amidst the pandemic, in her family ranch in California. 

“I used to have anxieties and days where I felt like, ‘Am I good enough to be a mom?'”, said the 26-year-old. She also mentioned that she would jot down all her thoughts in her journals to recollect them later. 

“I actually kept two journals,” said Hadid. “a good journal and one journal that I called the bad journal. That’s where I put in my negative thoughts and emotions and my feelings of self-doubt.”

“I didn’t want to feel guilty about feeling those things or writing those things down. I just liked the separation,” added Hadid. And said she’d be happy to let Khai read the “bad” journal once she’s the right age to let her understand how it’s natural for us humans to have emotional dilemmas at times and how we learn to fight through our nightmares and moments of weakness. 

“I’d paint, water-sketch, and even jot down my thoughts on any piece of paper that was near me.”, she said. “But I have it all collected, even receipts and tickets. So I wrote on almost every piece of paper that was around me.” She said that she was grateful that the habit helped her a lot through her pregnancy when she was ‘clouded by her own thoughts.’

Gigi Hadid anxiety
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Hadid, who is the most in-demand supermodel at the moment, also revealed that living in the family ranch during the pandemic helped strengthen the family core, and she had a good time living with her mom, her partner, and her siblings. 

She also mentioned that Zyan was well received and appreciated by the entire family, and most of the time, when there was a family discussion, he would take her mom’s side. 

“Everyone’s like, ‘Zayn, whose side are you on?’ He’s charming. He’s usually on my mom’s side. So he’s smart in that sense.”, she added laughingly. 

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The father, the Malik, had previously spoken out about being a father since they welcomed little ‘Khai’ in their lives. “I didn’t expect to be quite as into it, to be honest with you,” said Malik. “But turns out, I just love hanging out with her (Khai).” He added, “It’s a very different stage of life, but it’s been really easy to adjust, and that’s the most surprising part.”

The couple is going stronger than before since welcoming Khai into their lives, as they begin to take on the world after the pandemic, together with their little girl.

Mom Gigi Hadid has been on the cover of the BIG-FOUR VOGUE magazines (the UK, US, Paris, and Italy) over 30 times and is one of the most in-demand supermodels globally.

The Los Angeles-born model comes from a Dutch/Palestinian heritage, and her real name is Jelena. She has been in a relationship with Zayn Malik since 2015, but the couple has not shown their intent to get married any time soon. 


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