Kristina Tholstrup

Who is Kristina Tholstrup? Kristina Tholstrup is the wife of the late famous actor Roger Moore. He is known for playing the character of James Bond in seven feature movies from 1973 to 1985. Kristina is a former air stewardess. How old is Kristina Tholstrup? Kristina Tholstrup was born in September 1941. She was born […]

Eija Skarsgard

Who is Eija Skarsgard ? Eija Skarsgard is a former Swedish model. She is perhaps most famous as her father Stellan Skarsgard’s daughter after his marriage with My Skarsgard. The Skarsgard family is all active in the world of entertainment including acting, where her siblings and father have had success. How old is Eija Skarsgard? […]