Svetozar Marinkovic

Svetozar Marinkovic is a famous and outstanding former tennis player who has played various games throughout his career. However, he achieved limelight and massive media attention after his marriage with Robin Givens, which lasted only seven minutes. Early Life Svetozar Marinkovic was born in Yugoslavia, but his birth date is not known. He spent his […]

Paz Lenchantin

Paz Lenchantin is a famous musician, frequent collaborator, and sound composer for the sci-fi channel. She came in the limelight to play bass guitar for the famed alternative rock bands, Pixies, Entrance, and Zwan, who has also performed for the Los Angeles musical group, A perfect circle. You might want to know about Nabela Noor […]

Jack Cutmore-Scott

Jack Cutmore-Scott is a British actor best known for his role as Klaus in the 2020 movie “Tenet.” Scott is also recognized as Cameron Black/ Jonathan Black in the 2018 T.V… series “deception.” Scott has also appeared in television series such as “Hawaii Five-0” as Gabe, “Magnum P.I..” as Neil Crawford, in “Cooper Barrett’s Guide […]

Eugenie Bondurant

Eugenie Bondurant is a famous actress who came into the limelight after her role in the movie. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Early Life Eugenie Bondurant was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, united states, and her birthdate are April 27, 1961. There is no information about her family, including her parents and her siblings, as […]

Bruno Gouery

Bruno Gouery is a famous French actor, the writer best known for his role as Luc in the Netflix 2020-2021 television series “Emily in Paris.” Gouery is also known for his role as Council of Europe Secretary in the 2020 movie “rose island,” as Romaric Groslay in the 2011-2015 television series ‘Doc  Martin.’ Gouery has […]

Maciah Bilodeau

Mariah Bilodeau is an actor who worked in a series, Homestead Rescue, but he only achieved the limelight after getting married to celebrity Misty Raney. Early Life Maciah Bilodeau was born in the united states, and his birth date is March 30, 1980. He grew up in Anaconda, Montana, with his family. Still, he hasn’t […]