Dakota Alan Norris | Son of Chuck Norris (2024)

Who is Dakota Alan Norris? Dakota Alan Norris is the son of actor Chuck Norris and model Gena O’Kelly. His younger twin sister is Danielle Kelly Norris. The twins are both 5th-degree black belts. How was the Early Life of Dakota Alan Norris? Dakota Alan Norris began his martial arts training at the age of […]

Doug Marcaida

Who is Doug Marcaida? Doug Marcaida is a reality tv star, an edged weapon combat specialist who came into the limelight as a judge in the History channel’s series Forged in Fire. He is the founder of Marcaida Kali, evolving martial art system in the Philippines. Where does Doug Marcaida live? Doug Marcaida was born […]

Wren Keasler

Wren Keasler is a famous American actress, celebrity child, and granddaughter. Wren was born to an American actress, businesswoman, martial artist, and producer of “The Warrior” Shannon Lee, the daughter of famous American-Chinese actor, director, philosopher, martial arts instructor Bruce Lee. Wren’s mother, Shannon Lee, has also appeared in several movies and television series such […]