Relationship Between Joaquin Pheonix and Jodean Bottom is that of siblings. Jodean Bottom is a renowned American personality who rose to fame and gained a huge spotlight for being the sister of famous Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin is an Oscar-winning actor known for portraying Arthur Fleck in Joker, Theodore in Her, John R. Cash in Walk the Line, Commodus in Gladiator, Freddie Quell in The Master, and many more. Let us learn more about the celebrity sister’s current status, Jodean Bottom & Joaquin Phoenix’s relationship, and other details.

Relationship Between Joaquin Phoenix and Jodean Bottom
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Jodean Bottom & Joaquin Phoenix’s relationship

Jodean Bottom & Joaquin Phoenix’s relationship seems to be strong and pure. Even though Joaquin is her half-brother, they seem to have a strong bond and are close to each other. Jodean’s father got married to her stepmom, Aelyn Dunetz, after his divorce from Bottom’s mom.

Jodean is also close with her other half-siblings, Summer Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, and River Phoenix. However, Jodean prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the spotlight, due to which she doesn’t show appearances at any events or award shows with her brother.

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The Brother-Sister Duo

Jodean is also famous for being the sister of River Phoenix, an American actor, and musician. After his role in Stand By Me, the actor became the staus of the teen idol. Jodean was closer to her brother River, as he was the one who searched for her and helped her meet her biological father.

Jodean and River’s bond seems stronger than Jodean Bottom & Joaquin Phoenix’s relationship. The celebrity sister became devastated by the news of her brother’s death on October 31, 1993. River died due to an overdose of drugs.

Relationship Between Joaquin Phoenix and Jodean Bottom
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Jodean Bottom’s Parents’ relationship

Jodean Bottom is the daughter of John Lee Bottom from his previous marriage. Unfortunately, Bottom hasn’t revealed much information about her mother, due to which her mother’s identity is still a mystery. Jodean also hasn’t revealed the relationship between her mother and father. Her parents didn’t have a healthy relationship as they are no longer together.

Relationship Between Joaquin Phoenix and Jodean Bottom
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Bottom’s parents were a part of a group called Children of God Missionaries, which indulged in sexual abuse. However, her family came out of the group and settled in Los Angeles. Aelyn and John decided to change their surname from Bottom to Phoenix.

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