Natalie Hanby is a strong and amazing person who gained recognition after featuring her brother’s prank videos. She also has her own youtube channel and has posted videos there. Her family also owns a channel named Hanbyfamily. Most searched about Natalie Hanby is: Who is Natalie Hanby married to? And Natalie Hanby and Ruben Fernandes’s relationship.

What’s Natalie Hanby Relationship Status?

When it comes to relationships, Natalie is always seen maintaining silence. She doesn’t reveal a lot about it, but she couldn’t keep her relationship status private even after trying so hard. She is in a relationship with Ruben Fernandes. Natalie and Ruben haven’t revealed any information about their first meeting or marriage, but we can assume she is married to a handsome man.

Who is Natalie Hanby married to?
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She is a very secretive person who doesn’t like to reveal her dating life to the media. Instead, she prefers to keep her personal matter private. So we can only see Natalie Hanby and Ruben Fernandes’s few photos on her Instagram, which might be her way of keeping him away from the limelight and giving him privacy. But it is not easy when a person is a public figure.

Does Natalie Hanby have a child?

Natalie Hanby and Ruben Fernandes
Natalie, Ruben, and Lexi. Image Source: Bio Gossip

Her husband Ruben has posted on his Instagram recently with the caption, last year with my family where he can be seen with his beautiful daughter Lexi and his wife, Natalie Hanby. The couple was blessed with Lexi on April 12, 2012, after which she has been part of her mother and her father’s Instagram.

As of now, Natalie and Ruben are ready to welcome their next baby. Natalie also shared a picture of Lexi posing with the sonography picture in her hand. It was disclosed about the family being excited to welcome their new member to her crazy family.

Natalie Hanby and Ruben Fernandes
Natalie and Ruben with Lexi. Image Source:

You might want to know more about Natalie Hanby

It seems like both Natalie and Ruben are pleased and enjoying their family life. The couple is soon gonna be a family of four with more fun and more responsibility. With the birth of their first child, the couple came closer as both saw each other taking responsibility for their younger gen. they enjoy being parents, and the love between them is blooming like an early spring flower.


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