Natacha Van Honacker is a very private person who doesn’t like talking with anyone much. She has kept her privacy until now, but she doesn’t stop smiling and talking about him when it comes to Eden. It seems like her favorite topic of discussion is the Love of her life, Eden Hazard.

Her first meeting with Eden Hazard was a kind of remembrance because she met him when she was in her teens. They met through a common friend at a gathering. During their teenage years, Eden fell in love initially, which is still a dream for so many people.

However, Natacha didn’t notice him at first. Instead, Eden was highly attracted by the shy, polite, and loving nature of Natacha, after which he was unable to save himself from falling in love with her.

Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard
Natacha and Eden with their kids. Image Source: Magazine Weekly

Slowly, Eden approached her. After knowing Eden, Natacha couldn’t save herself, and then love started blossoming between the couple. The couple dated each other and spend a long time with one another, doing their favorite kinds of stuff together like an ordinary couple.

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The people around them never believed their teenage love would take any step further than dating, but they proved the whole world wrong by taking a step ahead through parenthood. The couple gave birth to their first son, Yannis, on December 19, 2010.

Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard getting married

After celebrating parenthood for two years, they decided to take another step ahead in their life. The couple finally tied the knot, exchanged the vows, and gave a beautiful name of Marriage to their relationship in April 2012. They celebrated through a low-key ceremony which was held privately between some friends and family members.

Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard
Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard. Image Source: Source Global Stardom

Natacha was just graduated from high school. After that, she moved with Eden to be by his side during his training. Natacha and Eden were blessed with Leo in February 2013 and a third child in September 2015.

Natacha and Eden have always been together in every up and down. They are a loving couple who never let each other down and have been living together happily. Natacha is a loving and caring mother, whereas Eden is a supportive and amazing husband.

Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard
Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard. Image Source: Gentside sport

As Eden has said in many interviews, Natacha and Eden can complement each other many times and Natacha has shaped her football career. He is an excellent player who plays for Real Madrid.

Likewise, her opinions are critical in his life. But, on the other hand, Natacha says she wants her child to become like their father and take him as their role model. Their selfless love for each other has made people believe in love again.

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