Mariusz Kolakowski is a well-known businessman in Atlanta. He is also known as the husband of Maria LaRosa. His wife is a former American meteorologist for The Weather Channel.


Mariusz Kolakowski was born on January 2, 1976. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Mariusz was brought into the world in Atlanta to a wealthy family. Since he was a lonely kid, he had the chance to profit from the rich pay of his folks and was raised with a sumptuous way of life. He never realizes how it felt to be necessitous or to battle since all his necessities were dealt with. While a few youngsters needed to ask or want for their number one toy, Mariusz got anything he desired whenever.

The abundance of his rich guardians gave him astounding instructive freedoms from the actual beginning of his youth. Mariusz Kolakowski didn’t allow his benefit to go to squander. He might have been a sluggish, ruined kid. However, his folks could impart a hard-working attitude into his day-by-day life.

They had endeavored to get to their positions, so they needed to pass their qualities to their lone child. Their most noticeably awful dread had a child who would acquire all their cash and discard everything.

Mariusz Kolakowski
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Mariusz Kolakowski was excellent as an understudy and stood among his friends for his magnificent scholastic exhibitions. Mariusz thought he was a decent child by considering and finding real success at school. However, what he was doing was establishing the framework for his future profession in business. His folks were brilliant in selecting him in classes that would ultimately help in his later life as a grown-up.

Career and Professional life

After his high school graduation, Mariusz Kolakowski went to study business management for four years at a University. After completing college, he returned to his birthplace to join the family business. He recognized that he had a significant advantage over his school peers since he had some work sitting tight with his family.

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While his schoolmates needed to go out in reality and understudy to begin from the base for organizations, he had the solace and well-being of his family’s organization. It was simply one more benefit in the crate of advantages he had for being the child of a wealthy ancestry.

He turned into an effective financial specialist and could build up his name in the business at a youthful age. Concerning his privately-run company, Mariusz made various critical changes in the privately-run company. He had the option to execute numerous new and forefront procedures for the business. His family believed him to be an imperative resource for the industry since he could learn new ideas in his investigations and apply them in the organization.

Mariusz Kolakowski
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Mariusz has a separate place in the media for his excellent skill and intelligence. Later on, he was recognized after he married Maria LaRosa. She is a Meteorologist for the Weather Channel. In 1997 they went for their first date. After their date, they fall in love together.

Together perceive befuddling affections for one another ridiculous. They went several additional dates before beginning their undertaking. Several years of relationship, they transformed their issue into a marital relationship.

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They both exchanged the vows secretly, and on that day, Maria posted their photos on Social media. Going through the social media, we can assume that they tied a knot on June 23, but the exact year was not mentioned. Their picture seems that they are so happy with their marriage. She has worn a strapless gown with a veil on top of her head, and Mariusz Kolakowski wore a black suit with a silver tie.

Mariusz Kolakowski
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They are blessed with three children. Their first child was Michael Kolakowski, born in 2005, the second child was born in 2008 named Justin Kolakowski, and after two years, the couple was blessed with the third son Tyler Kolakowski. She has posted their photo on her Instagram account.

Net Worth of Mariusz Kolakowski

As a businessman, Mariusz Kolakowski gathered a massive amount of wealth, fulfilling their comfortable lifestyle. His estimated net worth is around $4 million.


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