Kristie Wolfe is an American house expert known for her different styles of home building and designing. She usually constructs the houses in attractive places, tiny but comfortable and culturally applicable. Kristie Wolfe Career began as a housing expert and has built many tiny houses in different areas. Most searched about Kristie is Kristie Wolfe Career.

Kristie Wolfe Career
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Kristie Wolfe prominent tiny houses on rent for travelers interested in daredevil staying like Hobbit House in Hawaii, Big Idaho Potato Hotel, and Big Island Tree House. She has also joined a youtube channel. Kristie Wolfe gathered more than 12.1 k subscribers on her youtube channel with 42 videos on it. Kristie is also a wedding planner. She has managed and done a wedding planner for her sister Kayte.

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Kristie Wolfe YouTube

Kristie Wolfe’s uniqueness has helped her to gain more than 12.4k subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Kristie Wolfe Career as a YouTuber is very successful. She has lots of subscribers. She was featured on Kirsten Dirksen’s YouTube video, where she converts shipwreck into a family retreat. The Video was titled as Kristie Wolfe restores a boat-shaped cabin in a forsaken lake and has more than 90k views.

Kristie Wolfe Career
Kristie Wolfe Career Image Source: Instagram

Some of the other videos of Kristie Wolfe, which was uploaded from Kirsten Dirksen’s channel are Kristie Wolfe builds underground home & sets rural WA hamlet, which has over 11M views, Kristie Wolfe turns 1959s fire lookout into the off-grid shelter, that has 2.5M views, and Building your own Hawaii minimal house for a vacation’s cost. This video has over 100k views.

Kristie Wolfe’s Airbnb and Net worth

Kristie Wolfe has her official Airbnb website. It is an online website where we can book rooms. Kristie has also given coaching classes about how to use Airbnb. This young stylish house designer has a net worth of $1 million. She also earns money from her youtube channel.

Kristie Wolfe Career
Kristie Wolfe Career Image Source: Instagram

What is Kristie Wolfe doing right now?

Kristie Wolfe is focusing on her career and working her best to develop a better design of the house. She recently worked on a whimsical lake-side home. When Wolfe bought the extreme fixer-upper, it looked as if it had crashed ashore. So she converted the shipwreck into a family retreat.


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