Who is José Dinis Aveiro  ?

José Dinis Aveiro was a municipal gardener in Portugal.He is best known as Cristiano Ronaldo’s father, a well-known football player. Ronaldo’s father, José Dinis Aveiro, introduced him to football, even though he did not live long enough to witness his son’s amazing achievements in the game.

Quick Wiki
Full NameJosé Dinis Aveiro
Date of BirthSeptember 6, 2005
Birth PlaceSanto António in Portugal
FatherFilomena Aveiro
MotherHumberto Cirilo Aveiro
ProfessionGardener/ Soldier
Age51 years old(Died)
Body MeasurementN/A
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseMaria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro
ChildrenHugo dos Santos Aveiro,
Cristiano Ronaldo,
Katia Aveiro,
Elma dos Santos Aveiro
Net WorthN/A

Early life & Age

Filomena de Aveiro and Humberto de Aveiro gave birth to José Dinis Aveiro in 1954 in Santo António, Portugal, into a low-income household. José de Aveiro and Rosa Isabel da Piedade were his paternal grandparents. José de Aveiro and Maria de Jesus were farmers on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of José Dinis Aveiro’s four children with Maria Dolores dos Santos.

José Dinis Aveiro was a municipal gardener who lived in abject poverty and struggled to meet his family’s basic needs. She considered having an abortion while carrying Cristiano Ronaldo because she was worried her lack of resources would make it impossible for her to raise the child.

José Dinis Aveiro
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According to reports, Aveiro was forced into joining the army. As a Portuguese soldier, he participated in the African war against the Angolan colony. He was fighting for its freedom from Portugal’s colonies. The horrors the Portuguese troops saw in Africa had a lasting effect on the men, who ultimately lost the battle.

The soldiers were subjected to terrible circumstances, resulting in the food being rotten when the supplies got to them, making it scarce. As a result, an array of illnesses, such as malaria, fever, chills, tremors, etc., plagued the half-starved troops. Additionally, it was deemed unsafe to drink the water, so the soldiers subsisted on “Cuca,” a native beer from Angola. Aveiro spent 13 months serving under difficult circumstances in Mozambique and Angola.

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Aveiro was a broken man upon his return from the African war. Portugal suffered a terrible economic blow as a result of the conflict. It was challenging to find work. His pals gave him drinks at the neighborhood taverns that he frequented.

A fellow soldier, Jose Manuel Coelho, attested to the reality that the battle veterans had neither a job nor any money. Coelho claimed that Aveiro lacked the resources even for nourishing meals.

José Dinis Aveiro
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José Dinis Aveiro eventually started working as a landscaper. After that, he worked as a kit man for Santo Antonio’s football team, “Andorinha,” in the Funchal neighborhood to supplement his income. He was in charge of keeping the locker rooms clean and the player’s uniforms ready. He reportedly obtained this position since his son, Ronaldo, played for that squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a Portuguese football (soccer) forward who was one of the best of his time. On February 5, 1985, he was born in Funchal, Madeira. The equipment manager again for neighborhood team Andorinha was Ronaldo’s father, José Dinis Aveiro. The addition of the name Ronaldo to Cristiano’s name was done in honor of his father’s favorite movie star, Ronald Reagan, who was the president of the United States at the time of Cristiano’s birth.

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Role as Ronaldo’s Father

Ronald Reagan, a favorite Hollywood actor of his father’s who had just been elected US president when Ronaldo was born, was the inspiration for Ronaldo’s name. Dinis Aveiro began working as a part-time equipment manager for a Portuguese soccer team named “Andorinha Sports Club” at about the same time.

He then introduced Cristiano Ronaldo to football, which would eventually go on to define Ronaldo’s life. However, because Dinis Aveiro was an alcoholic, Ronaldo did not have a close relationship with him. Nevertheless, even if Jose did not directly assist his son in achieving his aim, Dinis Aveiro significantly impacted Ronaldo’s decision to begin his football career by playing for “CF Andorinha,” where his father had previously worked.

José Dinis Aveiro
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Cause of Death

Because of his problems with drinking, José Dinis Aveiro’s health had worsened by the time Cristiano Ronaldo began to advance in football. Dinis Aveiro, 51, died unexpectedly in London on September 6, 2005. Cristiano Ronaldo decided to play that evening rather than attend his father’s burial. Dinis Aveiro’s death benefited his personal and professional life, even if it wasn’t expected.

He promised himself he would never consume alcohol again because he witnessed his father’s self-destruction. Additionally, he strengthened his will to realize his goal of becoming one of the world’s top football players.

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Net Worth

There is no information about his net worth in Aveiro. However, as per his son, the predicted value of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2022 is $500 million. This mostly consists of his pay contracts, significant brand endorsements, and investments in particular companies aside from his brand, CR7. Ronaldo’s lifetime contract with Nike is his largest endorsement arrangement.

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