About Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Lynn Connelly is an American actress and also an Oscar winner. She was a just teen in the film industry when she started working. She participated in ” Labyrinth ” and other films which obtained less popularity. But in 2000, she performed on ” Requiem for a Dream ” and 2001 the biographical movie ” A Beautiful Mind,” which won her the Academy Award for the best-supporting actress and gained millions of followers afterward.

Quick Info
Full NameJennifer Lynn Connelly
Date of BirthDecember 12, 1970
Birth PlaceCairo, New York, U.S.
Parent(s)Gerald Karl Connelly and Ilene
Spouse(s)Paul Bettany ​(m. 2003)
net worthUS $50 million

Early Life

Jennifer Connelly was born on 12th December 1970 in a town named Cairo in New York, US. Her mother, Ilene, was a dealer of antiques and valuable goods, whereas her dad is Gerald Karl Connelly, who was a clothing manufacturer. She was of mixed blood as her mom was Jewish, and her dad was of Norwegian and Irish descent. She grew up in Brooklyn Heights, but they moved to New York to escape the smog. Her father had asthma. After four years, they returned to Brooklyn Heights, and she completed her school there in Saint Ann’s School.

She went to Yale University, studying English Literature, but two years later, she was transferred to Stanford University, where she studied drama in 1990. After her parents and her close ones suggested her to continue with her career, she left studies and took a risk to enter the film industry again.

Jennifer Connelly


When Jennifer was ten years old, her family’s close friend was working in the advertising business. A family friend suggested that he take her to a modeling audition. She was accepted under the Ford Modeling Agency umbrella, then moved to TV commercials and appeared on magazine covers like seventeen.

Her mother started taking her to audition for films, and at those times, one of the directors saw her and introduced her to Sergio Leone. He was looking for a young girl to dance in his movie Once Upon a Time in America; while she was filming the movie, she appeared for the first time on TV in the British series Tales of the Unexpected.

Jennifer Connelly became a big star in the next film, the 1986 film ” Labyrinth, “in which Connelly played “Sarah.” Connelly seems to have encountered an unsustainable situation after the success of this film. She made a Japanese commercial and made several foreign films, such as ” Starlight Blurred ” and “Some Girls” in 1988. 

She also tried her first aerial performance. Simultaneously, she also started studying English literature at Yale University but transferred to Stanford University two years later, but she did not graduate from either university.

In 1991, Jennifer Connelly was involved in a big-budget Disney film ” The Rocketeer, “but the film also did not let Connelly’s career peak. In 1995, she was in John Singleton, and in 1996 she played in a somber independent film Far Harbor in the role she performed with entirely different patterns. She demonstrated a broader performance than she ever roadshows.

As she entered the 21st century, she completely changed her image and opened up new opportunities for her career. Connelly most significant breakthrough finally in 2000 to perform ” Requiem for a Dream time.” The film was extremely successful in film reviews; she established her as a professional and rigorous actress and left the record of her first exposure to the third point in a feature film.

Jennifer Connelly

After Jennifer Connelly performed in the 2001 director Ron Howard’s film “A Beautiful Mind, “Connelly’s superstar status rose even more. In this film, Connelly interprets the role of “Alicia Nash.” In the film, her role is the wife of the talented mathematician John Nash (played by Russell Crowe), but she suffers from her husband suffering from schizophrenia. Connelly also won an Oscar for best supporting actress.

In 2003, Jennifer Connelly performed two films, “The Hulk ” and ” Dust and Mist Home.” Although “The Hulk” was disappointing at the box office because it was not ideal, it also allowed Connelly to cooperate with the well-known director Ang Lee. Connelly in 2005, played in the horror film ” Dark Water, “the film by well-known Japanese film ” Dark Water ” adapted from.

Age, Height, Nationality & Other facts

Astounding with her looks, especially during her young age, Jennifer Connelly was more attractive and was known as one of the most beautiful women in the World then. She is of American nationality and is Christian. She is 49 years old as in 2020 but still as gorgeous as usual. You can’t run away from time; she got some wrinkles already.

Her body is entirely in shape, all because of her regular workout and healthy diet. She stands 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 61 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-26-35. Her charming green eyes are in a whole new level of attraction. 

Jennifer Connelly became an Ambassador for Human Rights Education in November 2005. She played an advertisement to solve water problems and pollutions, working for a non-profit organization named Charity: Water. She also became an ambassador for Save the Children in May 2012.

Jennifer Connelly

Personal Life

There is No one like Jennifer Connelly, that’s how beautiful she is, and Billy Campbell was lucky enough to date her. During the filming of The Rocketeer, they started dating. The relationship lasted for five years before they parted their ways in 1996. After that, she saw David Dugan, a photographer, and gave birth to Kai, son, in 1997. They never got married, though.

But soon in 2003 January, she got married to Paul Bettany, an actor. They worked together in the movie A Beautiful Mind. They have one son, Stellan, and a daughter, Agnes. Connected to Brooklyn Heights, where she grew up, she is settled there and Bettany after living in Tribeca for a long time.

Net worth

According to celebrity net worth, Jennifer Connelly has a net worth of $50 million.