Jade Castrinos is a famous folk singer, well-known songwriter, and professional guitarist who is from the united states. She is mostly known for being a founding member of the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros band. 


How was Jade’s Childhood like?

Jade Castrinos was born in Los Angeles. No such information is obtained regarding her birthday. Her family members are not known and we don’t have any information regarding her siblings. Although she never names her parents but still mentions them in several interviews.


Jade Castrinos
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She also revealed that she has experienced several natural disasters in California when she was a little girl such as fires, floods, and earthquakes. This was an adventurous part of her life and was very thrilled by such disasters.

While speaking about her childhood, she would do cartwheels on the beach after school and also pick roses on rainy days with her childhood best friend. At present, jade remembers her home when she listens to her mother’s voice and laughter along with the way canyon smell the day after a storm.


How did Jade Castrinos start her music career?

Jade Castrinos got inspiration from music through her parents especially her father. She then began to write her own song and started playing it in her father’s band.  She was 11 at that time. She remembers craving her name on her father’s old Les Paul at the age of six which is also her first and earliest memory of guitar.

In early 2005, Alex Ebert and Jade formed a music band together which was named Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The band attracted hug love and many people joined the band, most of the members of the band were their close friends. 

The band released various singles such as 40 DayDream, Give Me a Sign, Home, Memory of a Free Festival, No Love, Like yours, etc. the first album of the band was Up From which was released in the year 2017 and they later released three more albums.

Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos also performed as a part of the Bottle Rock Music Festival at the Napa Expo in Napa, California.


Why did Castrinos leave Edward Sharpe?

In the year 2014, Jade decided to leave the band she started with Alex. She wanted to concentrate on her solo music. She said in an interview that leaving the band was a tough decision for her but she thinks there is always a gift when we let go and trust life. She even said that she learned so much from the experience she had during those years and is forever grateful for it.


Where is Jade now?

After leaving the band, jade gas worked on several music projects with Jakob Dylan. She also released a single solo album which is called Go Where You Wanna Go.


Jade Castrinos
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Jakob and jade made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live to perform their collaborative album Go Where You Wanna Go.


Who is Castrinos Married to?

Jade Castrinos is happily living her single life right now but she dated her ex-band partner Alex Ebert. The couple dated for a while but they, later on, broke up. Their breakup didn’t harm their musical relationship or the band. They both are a very professional person and despite their breakup, they still worked together happily and produced music. 


Jade Castrinos
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What is Jade Castrino’s net worth?

Jade Castrinos’s net worth is estimated to be over $500000 which she earns from her multi-talented skills. Her sources of income are singing and songwriting. She also plays guitar and makes earning from it. She also performs at concert events.


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