Gabriel Kuhn is a well-known victim of a homicide case killed by a 16-year-old boy named Daniel Patry in 2007. The old murder case came to the surface in 2021 and created a huge buzz due to the increasing number of internet users. However, this incident changed Brazil’s history, one of the most searched murder cases in the world.

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Full NameGabriel Kuhn
Date of birth1995
Birth PlaceBlumenau, Santa Catarina
Passed Away at12 years old
Hair ColorDark-Brown
Eye ColorBlack

Early Life & Age

Gabriel Kuhn was born in 1995 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, to one of well-stable families. As of now, he would have reached the age of 27 years, but unfortunately, he was the victim of a homicide and passed away at the age of 12 years.

On the other hand, Daniel Patry was born in the same town in 1991 and was said to be a rebellious and combative kid as long as he was provoked.

Gabriel Kuhn
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More information about Daniel Patry’s background

Daniel Patry was diagnosed with a mental illness, but the treatment was stopped. Eventually, his parents gave up on him, after which he quit school and spent all day watching tv and listening to music.

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Beginning of the Issue between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were friends and belonged to the same neighborhood. They used to play online games today. However, he cheated while playing Trivia Online, which made Daniel Patry furious, after which he went to his house of Gabriel and began hitting him.

His anger grew more and more, after which he took the boy to the bedroom and raped him on the bed. Gabriel began to scream, which made him furious, and Daniel decided to kill him.

Daniel took a wire, wrapped it around Gabriel Kuhn’s neck, and kept squeezing until he passed out. After that, he went to the garage, took out a hacksaw, and began cutting the boy. Gabriel gained consciousness and began to scream in pain during this, but Daniel kept cutting.

After killing Gabriel Kuhn, Daniel tried to hide the body in the hatch of the house but couldn’t do it as the body was very heavy. So he decided to throw it at the door of the house.

Gabriel Kuhn
Image Source: WhatsNews4Today

After some time, Gabriel’s brother arrived and found the body at the door. He began running in the street due to shock, after which another neighbor saw him and called the police.

Police investigation showed the battle that had just occurred and immediately arrested him in his home. The autopsy report showed that he cut the boy when he was still alive. However, he denied raping him, claiming he wasn’t gay.

What happened to Daniel Patry after the incident?

After his arrest, the authorities sentenced him to three years in a juvenile detention facility. Some people even claim it to be less for the crime he committed.

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Where is Gabriel Kuhn’s murderer at the moment?

Daniel Patry was released from the Juvenile detention Center in 2010  after serving three years in the Brazilian prison, but after that, he just disappeared and hasn’t been found again. There is no information about his family who moved from that place.

Reason for Murder

According to the reports about the case, Daniel harassed Gabriel for over a month and tortured him. He was furious due to the game Tibia. Additionally, it was revealed that Gabriel borrowed some money from Daniel, which was USD 1.75, and failed to return it, due to which he tortured him for a month.

Gabriel Kuhn
Image Source: USA Business Magazine

Daniel was known for his anger, temper issues, and always violence. He used to beat kids in his neighborhood. However, his parents tried to provide him with medical help and booked him some sessions, but he never went and received those help as he didn’t want any help and let things stay the way it was.

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