Dominic Seagal is known as an American celebrity kid. He is the son of famous actor Steven Seagal and actress Kelly LeBrock. However, unlike his parents’ career, Dominic Seagal remains under the shadow as he is secretive and inactive on media sites.

He gained fame after being born in 1952 on April 10 in a Seagal family. The most search about Dominic is Dominic Seagal Career, His age, and His parents.

Dominic Seagal Career
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Dominic Seagal’s father is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and musician by profession. His mother’s Kelly LeBrock, is also a renowned personality, actress as well as model. Since his parents are renowned figures, it was easy for Dominic to start his career in any field he was interested in.

What does Dominic Seagal do for a living?

Unlike his parents, Dominic is a private person. He is hardly seen in any event and award shows. Unlike his parents, He is not an actor. He hasnt appeared in many movies and TV shows until now. Then how did Dominic Seagal started his career?.

Unfortunately, Dominic Seagal Career is a bit of a mystery. He hasnt shared any information about his professional career. Even though he has huge popularity and fame because of his parents, he tries his best to avoid the media spotlight. Not only has he avoided the fame, but he also concealed his identity in public.

Dominic Seagal Career
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Dominic Seagal Father, Steven Seagal Career

As we mentioned earlier, his father and mother are the renowned personalities of America. Dominic Seagal’s father, Steven Seagal, is a renowned actor, screenwriter, producer, martial artist, and musician. Seagal’s first film, 1988’s Above the Law, was well-received among action buffs, leading to 1989’s Hard to Kill and 1992’s Under Siege, his most popular film to date.

In 1994, his directorial debut, On Deadly Ground, had disappointing results. After that, however, he was also starred in movies such as The Patriot (1998) and Executive Decision (1996), and he went on to star in Exit Wounds (2001) and Half Past Dead (2002).

Dominic Seagal Mother, Kelly LeBrock Career

Dominic Seagal’s Mother, Kelly Lebrock, is a  model and well-known actress. Kelly was also known as one of the sexiest females in her era. They have shared three children. Kelly made her acting debut was in The Woman in Red (1984), co-starring Gene Wilder. LeBrock also starred in Hard to Kill (1990), Weird Science (1985), directed by John Hughes and Steven Seagal.

Dominic Seagal Career
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What is Dominic Seagal’s current status?

Dominic Seagal is living his private life away from the media spotlight. Instead, he might be enjoying his personal life with his girlfriend. He is staying out of controversial matters and has been able to maintain a clean image. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million.

Talking about his parents’ current status, Dominic Seagal’s parents Steven and Kelly, tied a knot on September 5, 1987. Later on, in 1996, they got separated.


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