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Conor McGregor hasn’t fought since losing to old rival Dustin Poirier in Las Vegas last summer and has managed to win just one of his last four professional MMA bouts. Still, the Irishman remains the biggest name on the UFC’s impressive roster. Claims of Notorious’s early retirement from the sport seem to have been greatly exaggerated, and rumours of his comeback continue to rage.

The leading bookmakers promoted at MyTopSportsbooks are offering odds and accepting bets on when and who McGregor will fight when he finally returns to combat sports. Some traders are even giving generous odds on which sport the fighting pride of Dublin will return in. MMA is the most popular choice, but boxing remains near the head of the market, while a switch to WWE can’t be written off.

What a party

As he celebrated his 34th birthday in style, Conor looked in great shape, happy, and ready to return to the grand stage. Enjoying a birthday break in Ibiza, fans of McGregor know the man did nothing by halves and weren’t surprised to see a big-name guestlist, bottles of expensive champagne, and exquisite food. Taking to social media, McGregor gave special thanks to all that attended.

What a birthday! What a party! What a crew! I love every one of you; thank you so much was the post. But with the party now over and Team McGregor returning to everyday business, questions need to be answered regarding his future. That is, of course, if Conor and those who surround him, helping to steer his career, know what’s next. Sometimes it looks like the fighter is refusing to face up to the fact it could be time to retire.

Until McGregor releases a statement telling fans where he goes from here, after back-to-back losses against Poirier and a 1-2 defeat in the trilogy, his adoring followers can only speculate. We are no strangers to a bit of speculation either and lay out what we believe to be the three most likely next steps for McGregor.

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A return to the pinnacle of mixed martial arts, reuniting with chief Dana White and setting up matches against former rivals and the best of the emerging talent. Yes, Conor remains a huge name in the sport, but UFC has changed since he was last in the octagon. There are new fighters and coaches, the pay is greater than ever before, and UFC has attracted millions of new followers.

It’s difficult to imagine, but there are many young MMA followers who have never seen McGregor fight live or have started following the sport after he retired. The only way to remedy that is to return to the octagon and get back to fighting and winning. This could be the driving force behind his comeback.

The one problem with McGregor returning to the UFC is he’s starting to show the signs of a long, difficult career in the fight game. He has several worrying injuries, including the leg fracture that caused him to lose his last fight against Dustin.


Conor’s MMA style is reliant on his boxing skills, and he took it to the next level when crossing over to the noble art, making his debut against Mayweather when lasting to round 10 before being stopped by TBE. He performed better than expected in that bout, and his showing against Pretty Boy caught the attention of many famous fighters.

If McGregor did duck between the ropes again, he wouldn’t be short of opponents. A rematch against Floyd has been mentioned, but few fans will be interested in watching that bout again. The attraction of boxing is it won’t be as challenging on his injured leg, meaning he could compete professionally and at a decent level for a few more years.


This is seen as the less likely of the three options listed, but it shouldn’t be. Many famous MMA fighters and boxers have appeared on WWE over the years, including former UFC champion Rhonda Rousey. The nature of American wrestling means Conor’s injuries would be protected, and he already possesses the wrestling background needed to survive in this arena. It’s also where the big paydays can be found.