Chanelle Haynes is a well-known personality who came to fame after being born into a celebrity family. Chanelle Haynes Father is Cornell Iral Haynes, who is widely known for his stage name Nelly. He is a Rapper, singer, songwriter, and a renowned figure in America. He is also an entrepreneur.

Nelly made a breakthrough in his career after joining a Midwest hip-hip group, Lunatics. Let’s learn about the Chanelle Haynes Father and how is the relationship between father and daughter. Chanelle Haynesmost asked about Chanelle is Chanelle Haynes Father.

Chanelle Haynes Father
Chanelle Haynes Father Source: Instagram

Chanelle Haynes Father, Nelly, began his career from the band Lunatics and signed to Universal Records in 1999. He recorded his solo song and made his debut album Country Grammer. Song Ride with me of this album became top ten hits and was ranked number three on the Billboard 200. In addition, it became the best selling album to date, with over 8.4 million copies in the United States.

He has released many top-ranking songs and albums, such as Sweat that became number two n the US Billboard 200 chart, and Suit became number one on the Billboard chart of 200. His other famous songs are Hot in Here, Dilemma, Air Force Ones, Ride Wit Me, My Place, Grillz, Just Dream and more.

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How is the relationship between Nelly and Chanelle Haynes?

The duo of father-daughter seems to be very close, as we can often see Nelly posting about his daughter on his Instagram handle. Once he surprised her on her birthday and often surprised her with beautiful gifts on her other special occasion.

Chanelle Haynes stated that she is very inspired by her father and want to step on his footprint. She also confirmed that her role model is her father. Nelly called her with the sweet nickname nana.

Chanelle grew up with her brother and single father, and there is no question about her growth. She is sweet, humble and very kind, which shows that her father didn’t miss any chance to teach her humbleness and respect. The father-daughter has a powerful bond which is very adorable.

Chanelle Haynes Father
Chanelle Haynes Father Source: Instagram

More about Chanelle Haynes Father and her relationship

Nelly once posted a picture of Chanelle where he wrote sweet memory of his with his daughter through his Instagram handle. He shared that even though Chanelle is a grown woman, all he sees is a snaggletooth of hers when she was five years old.

He also stated that this memory gives him a laugh even now after remembering it. Chanelle was also seen in different events and award shows with her father, Nelly.

Chanelle Haynes Father
Chanelle Haynes Father Source: Instagram

Chanelle Haynes’s Mother

Nelly is a proud single father who raised his kids alone. Chanelle and her brother also have no interest in known about her biological mother. She is delighted with her father and brother. She has accepted Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson as her own mother. She might not be her biological mother, but Shantel loves them as her own child.


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