While it might not feel like it at times, many of the celebrities we read about and follow on social media are actually similar to us regular folk. Some of them follow their beloved sports teams in the same way we do, many return home for a family-filled Christmas at the end of a busy working year, and some of the world’s most famous faces also turn to gaming when boredom sets in.


When it comes to gaming, it has become one of the most prominent entertainment opportunities for people in the modern world to explore. Gamers can session on detailed options like Elden Ring on a PlayStation 5 console, even services like Netflix are now offering a variety of games that can be sampled on a tablet device, and smartphone gamers and PC users alike can explore popular Greek mythology-themed slot products like Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters. Through an array of devices, gaming is accessible in the modern world, something many much-loved celebrities have discovered after admitting their passion for gaming in the past.

Of course, the fact that many world-famous actors and athletes play games doesn’t suddenly mean that they’re just like the rest of us, but it certainly bridges the gap a bit in a world where people are feeling further and further apart from the people they look up to. So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the celebrities who turn to gaming in times of need in the same way we do.

Vin Diesel is a proud gaming geek

When he isn’t saving the world in movies and pumping iron in the gym ahead of his next action-packed role, Vin Diesel is a proud gamer. Known to love classic creations like Dungeons and Dragons, the Hollywood star actually managed to start his own gaming studio, too. Named Tigon Studios, the company’s first-ever gaming product was The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, a great game that is based on the movie. Vin Diesel’s love for gaming is therefore evident, with titles like World of Warcraft being where it all started for the American actor and film producer.


Mila Kunis is a Call of Duty player

Like most people on earth, Mila Kunis has discovered the delights of the Call of Duty franchise. The That ‘70s Show actress is a keen Call of Duty player after first discovering a passion for gaming through iconic titles like World of Warcraft, a game that she has openly admitted her love for on numerous occasions over the years.

Friends star Matthew Perry loves the Fallout series

When he isn’t appearing in theatre productions these days and entertaining global audiences in Friends episodes that are still broadcasted today, Matthew Perry has openly admitted that he loves to relax with a game or two. His favorite gaming product is the Fallout series, a collection of games that he has been playing avidly for years. In fact, Perry’s gaming escapades led him to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. He even managed to be the voice of Benny in Fallout: New Vegas, too. Make no mistake about it, Matthew Perry is a dedicated gamer all right.gaming

Olivia Munn is a fan of Rock Band

When she isn’t putting on an acting masterclass and hosting television shows, Olivia Munn winds down with a gaming session. Her particular favorite is Rock Band, a much-loved music-themed product that wowed global audiences. Munn is also said to love Guitar Hero, a similar music-making product. The Call of Duty and Halo games are adored by the American actress and former television host, too.

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