Camelia Kath is a renowned Actress and public figure of America. He has appeared in several movies such as  Fake-out, Terror on Tour, and The Killing Time. She was also known as a celebrity wife. Camelia Kath Husband Terry Alan Kath was a famous songwriter and musician.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 1978. Camelia had more than one relationship, and she is engaged twice. The frequently asked questioned about Camelia are Camelia Kath Career and Camelia Kath Husband.

Camelia Kath Husband
Camelia Kath Husband Terry Kath Source: Internet

Camelia Kath Husband Terry was known as a founding band member of the rock band Chicago. He was the lead singer and guitarist of his band. He was highly skilled and was a good guitarist. His famous songs are Jenny, An Hour in the Shower, Southern California Purples, Sons of the Evergreen, The Road, Free Form Guitar, Make Me Smile, Introduction, and Oh, Thank You Great Spirit.

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More about Camelia Kath Husband

Camelia Kath met Terry in her 20s in Chicago. She was a gorgeous young woman; it was tough not to fall in love with Kath. She is a humble and charming person. Terry fell in love at first sight. He didn’t stop himself from talking to her. Then, their relationship slowly grewup.

The couple dated for several years and decided to get married in 1974. They were happily married until Terry left this world. Her happy married life came to an end with Terry. This tragic incident deeply affects Camelia.

She stated that he was a drug addict and alcoholic, and he used to play with guns all the time. Unfortunately, he shot himself while he was playing with it. She didn’t think of dating anyone after the incident.

Camelia Kath Husband
Camelia Kath Husband Jeffrey Lynne Source: CelebGossip

After Terry Alan Kath’s Death

Camelia Kath stayed single and raised her 20-month-old child. She was a single mother till she found Kiefer Sutherland. Then, she could to able to love someone again. Kiefer and Camelia shared a good bond, due to which they decided to get married on September 12, 1987.

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But she had to experience fail marriage with Kiefer. He couldn’t give her and their child enough time and stayed busy with his work, leading to their separation.  They officially got divorced on February 1, 1990.

Camelia Kath Husband
Camelia Kath Husband Kiefer Sutherland Source: eCelebirtyMirror

How many children does Camelia Kath have?

Camelia Kath is blessed with a daughter Michelle Kath from her late husband, Terry Alan Kath. She also has a daughter Sarah Sutherland from her ex-husband, Kiefer Sutherland.

Camelia Kath is in a romantic relationship with a British singer since 2008. However, there are no rumors about them getting married or starting a family. Maybe they don’t want to face failure marriage again in their lives, which might be why they have been dating since 2008.


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