Enhancing its standing in the world of gambling, poker has continued its meteoric ascent in popularity over the past decade. From TV shows to movies, it has captivated gamblers and non-gamblers alike. It is widely regarded as one of the finest card games there is.

Poker is such an inviting game, that even celebrities are passionate about its multiple variations. Let’s take a look at some of the most renowned celebs that have skills to play poker like champions. These seven stars of stage and screen have established reputations when it comes to making bets – both at the tables and in their careers.

Top 7 Celebrity Poker Players

If you’re looking to be successful at poker, then it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with the different poker hands before taking a seat. Whether playing in-person or online, this rule is universal unless you’re a celebrity looking to have a little bit of fun with the game.At the poker table, there are seven popular gamblers who are regularly spotted, including:

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, the celebrated former Spider-Man actor and film producer, has cemented himself in the public eye with his venture into poker. Before the surprise news of Maguire’s poker activities went public, he had shielded his passion for the game from outsiders.


Maguire’s card-game affinity started when he studied in Three Village schools where his older peers provided him with the basics of the game and taught him how to play. Since then, he has dedicated himself to becoming an excellent poker player -with his most noteworthy accomplishment being the win of the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championships. It is important to recognize that the media have pointed out his usage of an assistance device while playing poker.

Ben Affleck

A multi-talented figure, Ben Affleck, has added one more feather in his cap. His skill in poker has seen him become a formidable player despite only taking the game up seriously in the mid-2000s. Initially an apprentice, he took lessons from those already experienced in the game to master the craft.

Ben Affleck is a true master of all card games. Last year he demonstrated this again, turning $20,000 into a staggering sum of $800,000 in just one night through playing blackjack. However, due to this astonishing success, the entity overseeing The Hard Rock Cafe casino in Las Vegas decided to keep him from playing the game any further.

Ben Affleck further solidified his reputation as one of the best poker players around when he took home the top prize from the California State Poker Championship, a staggering $356,000 payout. This victory also earned him entry into the prestigious World Poker Tour final tournament in 2004.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is another famous celebrity who found an endearing appreciation for poker following his research for his role in the hit movie ‘Rounders.’ Alongside Ed Norton, Damon’s love for the game only grew, prompting him to continue partaking in the activity; rather famously, rumors have spread that he has joined Molly Bloom’s poker table scene.


Whilst Matt’s involvement in the world of poker is likely not as renowned as that of Ben Affleck, his reputation among fellow players is still a powerful one. A gentleman throughout contests and competitions, making him notorious in the domain.

Brad Garrett

Standing head and shoulders above the crowd, Brad Garrett is an entertainer whose 6’9″ stature has earned him legions of fans. Aside from making people laugh on stage, he’s also a skilled poker player, adding another credential to his already impressive repertoire.

Recently, Garrett made an appearance on Poker Night in America – engaging in a memorable confrontation with the notorious “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth while vehemently expressing his disapproval of Hellmuth’s continuous verbal abuse of opponents.

Sam Simon

Sam Simon, the famous American film director and producer, alongside being a successful writer and philanthropist, brought fame to himself with his co-creation of the beloved show The Simpsons. Moreover, his heartfelt compassion and love for animals led to him pouring most of his poker earnings into charitable trusts whose mission is to rescue animals from harm and provide them with a safe, secured environment.


In 2007, Simon reached a massive milestone in the poker universe after triumphantly winning the most distinguished WSOP No-Limit Texas Hold ’em tournament.

Jennifer Tilly

For the past few years, Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly has swapped the silver screen for the high stakes world of poker. Taking a break from her A-List film career, Jennifer has proved a fast learner at the gaming tables, accumulating more than one million dollars in WSOP and WPT winnings – not to mention her enviable collection of bracelets.

Jason Alexander

With his iconic role in Seinfeld as George Costanza, Jason Alexander has launched himself into a successful career in professional poker. A far cry from his onscreen persona, Alexander is both competitive and determined in his approach to the game. He proves to be a formidable opponent at the tables. As a leading poker player, his success has impacted many charitable organizations through his abundant donations.

The Bottom Line

Poker is a perfect mix of thrilling competition and enjoyable entertainment, however, comes with its own set of risks. No matter the famous status, a player’s win is never certain. Thanks to technology, you no longer have to attend your local casino to experience the adrenaline of a poker showdown – you can join hundreds of enthusiastic players from the luxury of your own home.

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