Jonas Strand Gravli

Jonas Strand Gravli is a Norwegian actor. Gravli is best known for his role as Laurits in the Netflix TV series “Ragnarok.” He is also known for his role as Viljar Hanssen in the movie “22 July”. Gravli is also popularly known as Odd in the movie “Welcome to Unmark” and as Thomas Wisting in […]

David Stakston

David Stakston is a well-known Norwegian actor, model, TV show sensation, media face, and Internet sensation. He is known for his character as Magne Seier in the Netflix movie “Ragnarok.” David Stakston has also been seen in both seasons of Ragnarok. Additionally, Stakston has appeared in the Norwegian drama web series Skam. You might also […]

Nils Hognestad

Quick Interesting Facts and Stats About Nils Hognestad Nils Hognestad (best known for his role as King Arthur in CW’s and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) is a Canadian producer, writer, actor, and voice-over artist. He was born on July 16, 1984, in Bergen, Norway. His name Nil was kept after his maternal grandfather.   Childhood […]